Never done this before

Or at least never done this and kept on riding.
The good news is that I did not crash in traffic when it happened, and I made it about two miles home before I figured out what the dealy-o was. I did drop the chain a few times, I thought I just bent a link, but no, that ain't bent. I now have two bikes with bent or broken chains. Both relatively new chains. Crap.

If you look carefully you can see the juniper pollen on the chainring. We are beset with eye-itching-sneezing plagues of it.


gpickle said...

Your massive quads ripped another chain asunder. I am not surprised!

Antoine said...

Those massive quads are quite a liability.

What brand are these weakling chains?

Marrock said...

"You are the weakest link."

Jim G said...

I warned you about all that skid-stopping, didn't I? ;)

Mauricio Babilonia said...

KMC stands for "Kill My Chain." I've had good luck with the Z, but the one and only only chain I've ever broken was a multispeed KMC.

Tarik Saleh said...

Those damnable massive quads.

This was a cheap yet normally reliable nickel coated KMC Z chain. I assume some dropped chain wounded it. My other one was a also normally reliable Sram 850 8speed Chain. That one was bent to hell. I think that was operator error.


Yeah, skid stopping on the freewheeled bmx bike is way too stressfull for everyone involved.

I have broken lots of chains over the years. Lots. I am not sure why other than massive quads.