TSBC cap order window closing 4/15

Tarik Saleh Bike Club Cap Order window closing 4/15

Hey!, cap preorder is closing soon. 4/15/2014 at midnightish, just like your taxes. Three styles, all the sizes, details here!...

you get these four pins with each cap order

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Hey Hey Cobblyass Hills

Zoiks, The Ronde van Vlaanderen is nigh, and I am remiss if I have forgotten to tell you I explored some of the mighty cobbled climbs for you, dear readers, back in November of Ought-12. Yep, the same trip that yielded Jonathan Page cheer you! also yielded a quick trip to Oudenaard for a quick run through the cobbled climbs with long lost pal Jeff. Quickly speaking, we drove from Gent to Oudenaard. Checked out the RVV mueseum, got Aida a Freddy Maertens shirt and me a commemerative RVV beer from the 2012 edition, and then we rode around a selection of fine cobbled helligen. And then we had beers at the bar at the Ronde Museum.

It was a great day

It was in harvest season, so much of the roads and climbs were slightly muddy to super greasy (koppenberg). As you probably note from the race coverage, the roads into and out of the climbs are pretty much bike paths. I was on a borrowed bike from Jeff, with 23mm tires and did not have too much trouble with the cobbles, except for the super greasy koppenberg climb. Not knowing the roads and being slightly cautious anyway, I can't say I ripped up any of the descents, especially some of the dirty ones. But the wheels were definitely pretty much toast in the trueness department. Sorry Jeff.

Anyhow, no time for a hazy memories, but here are some photos of the ride back in Novemeber 2012. I am totally rooting for a Taylor Phinney/Tyler Farrar 1-2 finish tomorrow, or something. Full flickr set from Belgium here.

Ronde Van Vlaanderen Museum was small, but fantastic
Ronde Museum

Jeff and the giant turnip, or organic cobble...
Giant Turnips

Greasy up there in the trees on the Koppenberg

The country

Oude Kwaremont, beginning, end? Who knows

Most of the way up the Paterberg, there is a little smooth line over the steepest bit...

Alo' my name is Koppenberg

End of the ride road beers atop the Koppenberg

The other end of the ride beers at the bar at the Ronde Museum
Bar at Ronde Museum


Ubikequitous 11, Cosmos on a Bike

Sort of related to my last post, uh...

Neil deGrasse Tyson. Rides a bike. #cosmos #neildegrassetyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson rides a bike.

or at least uses it on cosmos to start to explain relativity and the speed of light.

Sort of related: Niels Bohr, crypto-cylocrosser



So, I am going to put a whole post about someone else's blog. OK? If you don't like it, go over to Cosmo Catalano's Cyclocosm and watch everything obviating this whole post.

I used to write a bunch about pro cycling and mostly doping, but I got tired of it and ran out of time and lots of other people like Cosmo are doing it better. I wanted to give Cyclocosm a bit more press as I think Cosmo has of the best pro cycling coverage out there, and someone actually needs to pay him to do this, so he can escape the confines of Connecticut and move into Lance's apartment in Girona while he covers pro cycling full time. So I am sure, among my many readers, is someone who makes decisions at NBC sports and they can just go ahead and make that happen...

As classic season is upon us, there are too many races and not enough easy ways for us Murricans to see em. I, for one, am too lazy to get up to scruffle for some dodgy Belgie live feed that may or may not actually work. In fact, I timed the publication of this post to coincide with groggy eyed people waiting for their Sporza/steephill/etc feed of Gent-Wevelgem to actually work. However Cosmo has been doing a great job on race recaps of all the big races for his How The Race Was Won (HTRWW) series. See HTRWW for all the videos. I will embed my favorite one ever, due to the fact that is was a good race, a excellent recap and dude wrote his own John Techesque race score for the whole shebang:

How The Race Was Won - Paris-Roubaix 2013 from Cosmo Catalano on Vimeo.


I recommend checking out his recaps from last years Tour de France which were better, funnier, and a much, much, much, more efficient use of time than the NBCsports coverage. I also like to go back and watch old HTRWW for races right before they happen again, thus refreshing my memory of the course, the key riders and the general race feels. Also the nyuks.

His newish The week in bike Series is excellent as well, for brief sardonically transfixing recaps of what all happened in pro cycling last week. Also his tumblr is great too.

Cosmo also had a gig with Behind the Barriers TV for cross coverage last year, so there are a whole bunch of US based cross HTRWW out there. Here is me and Cosmo, a TSBC member from way back, himself at the cross natz in Boulder last year, where he was doing some race coverage production.:

Cosmo C from outer space and how the race was won.

And hey, did you know that you can order the styling caps that the scary bearded man is wearing? TSBC CAP ORDER DETAILS HERE

Finally I will leave this here with no further comment, this will feed into next Sunday's post somehow, maybe (foreshadowing):


Someone hire this dude already. Rumor has it he used to nordic ski a bit. Waiting for the HTRWW for all of the olympic nordic races please (foreshadowing)...


Tarik Saleh Bike Club Bike Cap, PREORDERS through 4/15

TSBC hat preorders are OPEN NOW! Window closes 4/15.

There will be three types of hats available, IN ALL SIZES, all made in the USA by Randi Jo Fab:

(1) Orange wool with navy TSBC logo. Similar to last run, but more pumpkiny. This is a lightweight wool cap. $32 preorder
something like these, but a little darker orange:
Tarik Saleh Bike Club cap preorders, http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc design 1 sort of #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub #capsnothats

(2) Burgundy Wool caps with Navy wool earflaps, white TSBC logo. $34 preorder
something like these with tsbc logo:
Tarik Saleh Bike Club cap preorders, http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc design 2 sort of #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub #capsnothats

(3) Cotton crazy caps. Ed Emberleydragon/batprint on the front. Blue side and back panels with green TSBC logo, red brim. $32 preorder.
Pattern is the same in front, cap sides will be blue, cap brim will be red, logo green
Tarik Saleh Bike Club cap preorders, http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc design 3 sort of #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub #capsnothats

sizes available are as follows:

Large: 24"+
M/L: 23"-24"
M: 22-23"
S: 21-22"
I am between a 7 3/8 and 7 1/2 fitted cap and I find myself in a M with shorter hair maybe tending toward a M/L in full winter glory sasquatch hair. But measure your head. This is your chance to get a nice TSBC cap in your size. I probably won't do caps again this year. I will order a few more beyond preorders, but the price will go up a few bucks. Each cap will come with 3 TSBC pins of varying colors.

HOW TO ORDER. This is important. All pre-orders will be paid in advance. You must email me with WHICH cap you want and WHICH size you want to hats@tariksaleh.com. Use the same address for paypal payment and questions. All prices include shipping to the Continental US. Please email me if you want a cap and live outside the US. Email me if you want more than one. Comments in the blog or a facebook page or whatnot WILL NOT result in an order. You must email hats@tariksaleh.com and pay me before the order goes in April 15th. I may entertain some trades, email me at hats@tariksaleh.com...

delivery will be in mid to late May, I will update those who have ordered as things progress...


On seeing what the Moscaline - Target Salad - Tarik Saleh Bike Club is up to

Things got slow here in old Moscalineville, only because the real life has been excellent and pretty much everywhere of late. Too much time doing stuff, not enough time writing about it. But perhaps the hiatus will end shortly. Got some reviews in the queueueue as well as some crusty old race reports that I can barely remember. In the meantime if you are all into the new or older or middling media, you can foller me at:

Flickr as Target Salad

Red Squaring it September 2013

Instagram as Target Salad

Into the beyond, red rock canyon, nv

Tumblr as Target Salad

Candy Colored Skate race

I am Target Salad on Strava as well if you like such things


Last of 5 excellent days of Skate skiing.

On the Tarik Saleh Bike Club

Next batch of tsbc pins to be ferried to post office via fat bike. http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

The Tarik Saleh Bike Club is growing wildly and it even has its own Flickr Group as well as a TSBC facebook page. I will announce a hat preorder shortly for those who need some TSBC cycling caps. Which is everyone.

Also, remember if you see me in person, you can usually join the club on the spot for free. Like Cassidy from Philly did when he stopped me in the airport:

Cassidy from Philly recognized me from the blog and said hello in PHL. New member of the Tarik Saleh Bike Club.  http://www.tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Or even if you see me in ATL and you have terrifying rock climber hands like jason

I will even let you into the club if you barely ride anymore and you have terrifying climbers hands... Regram  from @jason_halladay #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Also, this guy is in the club too:

Some fast guy visiting from Belgium, new TSBC member.

Anyways, Hope to see you here or there or anywhere.


Glorieta Cyclocross 11/3/13 Mini Race report

As full blown race reports are apparently no longer within me, I will get down with mini reports to get some content out there. Here is the quick and dirty from Hawke's Old Fashioned cross sufferfest in Glorieta this past weekend. (see here for a report from a previous excellent Old fashioned cross race from the same promoter.)

Old faithful, ended up running a slightly wider more bitey front tire for the sand and the off camber loose stuff
Glorieta Cross! #kellybikes #kellybike #cyclocross

The course was on the grounds of the Glorieta (baptist) conference center and was really hard, somewhere between 2 and 5 dismounts per lap depending on how strong you were, as appropriate for the Old Fashioned cross series. Two long runups: one stairs, one quasi ridable dirt. One short set of stairs. A gopher hole riddled set of tight chicanes which was pretty ridable but slower than running. One short steep ride up with an ugly transition that was a bit too steep for my one gear for 5 of the 8 laps.

Much more technical than the usual UCI looking cross we get used to. Lots of off camber, lots of grassy dirt, a couple sand pits, even tighter chicanes than normal, longer run ups. I acquitted myself decently on the one speed I think. Got an OK start, crashed straight through some course tape on a chicane, lost a couple guys I shudda stayed with right there. I churned along painfully in my slightly-too-large-for-my-fitness gear of 36-17 or so. Rode the sand well. Ran the run ups well. Did not chicane as well as I could of. Got lapped by two really nice fellers on cool bikes from a Trek Composites something something team (zach and some other dude), down from durango possibly. Highlight of the race for me was getting lapped by them in the ugly little gopher chicanes and then blowing right back by them in the sand as they were waylaid into running by another lapped rider. I lost my will to live about 40 minutes in and then lollygagged for a lap and then noticed that I was getting caught by someone behind me, so I turned on the jets and finished OK. Given the complete lack of training and the only one other cross race this year I was pretty happy with the effort. There was only one mens category, which I enjoyed, reminded me of outlaw races I cut my teefs on 20 years ago, I have no idea where I finished other than the three guys who lapped me, I think midpack. I am pretty sure I was the only single speed.

Here is a video Elena shot of me through the sand pits.

Sand Pit Riding at Glorieta Cross from Tarik Saleh on Vimeo.

It is probably best to watch the full minute with the sound on to hear what Aida thought of daddy racing. She did tell me today that she loved going to the race and wanted to go to another cross race soon, so this was probably just a bit temporary dissatisfaction with the attention meter.

Anyhow, good course, good turnout, hurt my lungs. Yay cross. Thanks to all the organizers.

also, firetruck!

Fire Truck


Tarik Saleh Bike Club Hats _Sold Out!

See above for current cap order

Ok, Caps lasted exactly 24 hours. I will do another run of these soon, email me to get on the preorder list.


I finally got around to ordering some Tarik Saleh Bike Club embroidered wool bike caps from Randi Jo Fabrications. They just got in and are awesome. I have about 10 to sell. Pretty much all are size medium, which should fit up to about 7 1/2 hat size. I am about a 7 1/2 fitted cap nowadays and the medium is a nice fit with a reasonable head of hair. If you want to learn more about the hats or just order your own check out Randi Jo's Caps. If you are borderline, you might want to skip it for now or email me for future orders of larger caps.


6 of the caps are a lightweight orange wool with navy TSBC man logo. 4 are Reddish burgundy with thicker wool (normal for Randi Jo caps) with a slightly insane and hard to focus upon lighter blue embroidered TSBC man logo.


Cost is 32 bucks shipped to your door (USA) with three TSBC pins, one of each color (white, silver and holographic). If you want one, send me an email at tariksaleh at gmail dot com. I will sell em in the order received. You should also pledge to embrace the TSBC rules. If I manage to sell out quick, I will probably do another order this year, or maybe shirts or patches or maybe everything.

Somehow Aida is not as psyched as me. Details later tonight. Woop!


Flying Los Alamos to Albuquerque

Pacific Airways operating as New Mexico Air introduced a commercial flight (reintroduced really, maybe third iteration of commercial flights out of Los Alamos) back and forth to Albuquerque airport. I took the flight in late May amid light rain and cloud cover. Flights are $50 and 30 minutes each way, which beats the hell out of the 100 mile 1 hour 45 minute drive. The schedule is still getting dialed in but if it works for your connections, it is a fun little trip. Flight seats 9. Pretty much takes off and from Los Alamos and follows the Rio Grande down to Albuquerque, banks around a bit and you are there. See all the photos here If you like little planes and flying photos, check out a post about the last flight I took out of here
Update! Sharp memoried former Los Alamoosan Chad recalled the following incident related to Los Alamos airport history: airplane fornication

Handsome little Cessna 208 Grand Caravan
Los Alamos Municipal to Albuquerque commercial flights.

Taking off from Los Alamos County Airport (LAM)

Looking back over the town,lab and ski hill

White Rock Canyon and the Rio Grande

Jumbly Badlands in Cochiti

More Rio Grande in Cochiti Pueblo

Planned Sprawl North West of Albuquerque

Rio Grande Closer to Albuquerque

Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque

Landing at the Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ)

Anyhow, I will take it again. I urge you to as well if it makes sense for your trip. The flight was pretty smooth, certainly smoother than the times I have flown from Santa Fe to Denver. The air service is heavily subsidized, likely at numerous levels, and I am not super confident that this will last in the long run at this price, but it probably makes some financial sense at some weird level for all of us to use it as we probably paid for the subsidies through our taxes as we do for all our transportation. So don't worry about it and enjoy the flight...


Lizards, Ravens, and Me

After a hot short ride to get some lunch and coffee, I took the scenic route back through the county trails in the canyons. I only had to share them with the lizards and ravens, and maybe a few jays. Most of the other trails in the area are closed for fire restrictions right now, so I was surprised to see not a single other person on the trails from the aquatic center to the roundabout. It has been about as hot as it ever gets up here and a bit smokey still from a number of local fires, but still it was a nice bucolic ramble in the canyon.

Mid ride coffee break in the canyon

I drank my coffee on the bridge looking over the depths of the canyon. Dawdled about for a bit, snapped some photos and then headed on my way. Trails are not too technical, mostly singletrack, just combinations of smooth dirt, loose dirt, sand, slick rock, and rocky trails. The ocean air rambler shod in the bruce gordon rock and roads is just spectacular on most smooth trail. Swoopy fast smoothish stuff is a blast. Handles great on single track. The bottom bracket is too low to be really in the monster cross category, but with careful pedaling you can get through reasonably technical rocky bits. I had a great ride.

Rock jumblethon

At the roundabout I hopped back on the road and head back home and enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching some much needed thunderstorms roll over the mountains.


Couple a things Saturday morning

So you all saw this, right?:

Like I says, I hope he sleeps in piles of money.

But also you should see this, this guy can straight up ride the living crap out of a bike:


Couple a things Saturday night, e-mags and weird skateboards

So I think I am going to no longer post at velocanoose, unless I get back on the blogging train big time, so I will try to post some stuff on the weekends here that normally would have went there.

Anyhow, if you have not seen bunyan velo you should check it out. It is the pinnacle of bicycle based pubs for me right now, hitting the adventure bike zeitgeist square on. Issue two just came out a bit a go, to go with the spectacular issue one. E-journal only, and quarterly, but it is worth the wait.


Also check out this interesting way of skateboarding:


Interesting Commutes Home

NM is on fire again. Its been dry as a dry thing this year and windy too, mercifully cool though so it has not been the tinderbox it has been in past years. However, combination of lightning and powerline fires have been spreading throughout the area. One fire, the Thompson Ridge Fire, is reasonably close to Los Alamos, probably not a worry for reaching our town, but it is at 7500 acres and threatening some local towns. It has made for some interesting commuting the last few days.

Fire started Friday, but started the weird light on Saturday night
Smoke smuggered skies.

During Monday's commute home in an early twilight due to intense smoke, my teeth felt like they were being coated in ash. I got rained on for a bit, then tiny balls of ash rained down on me for a while. Then the sky cleared just enough to allow me to enjoy a blood red circle of a sun on the rest of the ride home.

Missed the red sun, got the weird smoke over the mountains
Last night's naturally smoke filtered photo

Tuesday night's commute was accompanied by a light rain of charred pine needles, some blowing ash and a nice garter snake on the trail, sunning itself in the smoke apparently.

Smattering of charred pine needles covering pretty much everything
Nice burnt pine needles and ash fall on the rid home tonight.

Tuesday night's mountain smoke
This evening's mountain naturally smoke filtered photo

Anyhow, the Thompson Ridge fire is up to nearly 7500 acres, with its pal the Tres Lagunas fire over in the Pecos up at 9000 acres. Both a far cry from the two huge fires in NM over the last two years, but still big enough and close enough to make things genuinely suck for some people nearby and to worry the rest of us.

If you want to see what is going on the best site is really the NM fire info website has been providing spectacular coverage, images and maps. NMfireinfo.com.

Other resource and coverage dump:

LANL has a pretty good air quality data site here. Some other interesting local takes over at La Bikes: here and here. Local photog goes picnicing at the caldera when the wind blows the other way here. LA Daily Post is the easiest online accessable local Los Alamos news source, has had good coverage and photos. Outside Magazine (based just down the road in Santa Fe) posted this interesting little vid on the the Tres Lagunas Fire in Pecos:

Pecos On Fire from Outside Magazine on Vimeo.

and here is what the two local fires look like from nasa images

Update: Really nice post on the fire and the Jemez over at terry wallace's blog.


On the Tall Bikes

My internet acquaintance David "dirtysixer" started a company dirtysixer to make 36'er mtb's for really tall people. Bikes debuted at Sea Otter and look really good for those of youse in the 6'6" or taller height bracket. David sent along some photos:

6'10" looking balanced on the 36'er


6'5" wheelie machine


Pretty cool and pretty normal looking. David also pointed out to me that there are now some better than corker 36er tire options. Specifically a newish tire from former Los Alamos denizen Walt W. of Waltworks.

Waltworks 36er tire


Which to me looks like a 36er game changer. No more relying on super heavy, no tread unicycle tires. It kind of looks like the WTB nanoraptor in some ways which was THE tire that really made 29ers viable. Good stuff David and Walt. The moscaline bike compound has no 36ers yet, but I did really enjoy careening around on one at night after a couple tasty beverages at one of the SSWWC durango 2009.

I am glad to see a bike like this for the very tall, as I am tired of seeing NBA players on odd fitting cannondales or people ordering stems like this just to get a stock bike to fit:

Huge stem

Finally, if you came here looking for the other tall bikes, check out this:

Yeah! More info the at the LA streets blog