For you NM nordic ski fans

I am hosting a new blog for our local club, the southwest nordic ski club. See the blog here:

It just started, and I am getting the club board up to speed on blogging so we can have fast timely updates on events and such to complement our soon to be overhauled website, which has more info on the club...

So far, mostly good for the pics, like the spiffy classic track seen here:

Anyhow, we have a really dedicated small group of locals who maintain the trails and keep the club going year after year, so please come on by use the trails and join the club. We need your help.

I went skate skiing today and got my heart rate into the blood near squirting from my eyes zone by trying to follow one of our more experienced racers. He was able to cruise along at a low effort, while I did the retarded sailor monkey skate hop behind him inefficiently putting myself into the red zone. I am getting much better at it, but it will be a while before I can skate ski and talk while going uphill, and most of our trails are uphill, except when they are downhill and I yardsale. The conditions ranged from delicious slushy trails to newly groomed beautiful corduroy. Good stuff. It is raining like crazy in town right now, which I am hoping translates to a foot or so of new stuff up there on the mountain to keep us skiing into march.


Anonymous said...

obviously a rewarding sport.. either blood squirts from your eye or you yardsale. good stuff..


Anonymous said...

I love that picture though.. great stuff. we went up into the jemez last weekend and the snow was incredible..

ssportsman (cont.)

Wenmei said...

So is now a good time to post the pictures I have of the first time you went xc-skiing? I will very carefully cut myself out of them.

Tarik Saleh said...


Sure post away or send them to me and I will post em.


Good stuff and as you probably know more as we speak. Makes me a lazy rider, but hopefully the conditioning will cross over a bit...

Wenmei said...

I'm going to have to scan them in (old school -- remember, these pics were taken in 1994 I think)...but I'm pretty sure I can find them pretty easily. I seem to remember lots of Tarik-in-snow shots. :)