Mud and snow on the skinny tires

I headed up to Canada Bonita again on my road bike. The difference this time was fewer leaves and a few high altitude snow storms that mucked up the trail a bit. That and the moron hunter detritus.

The xc ski trails were in great shape due to the efforts of the trail elves. But there were a fair bit of little muddy patches. The nice singletrack on the big meadow was a mess.

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But the day was so nice I pushed on to the top of the meadow. Hiking a bike where needed and pressing through in the granny elsewhere. I had a nice banana and powerbar snack sitting on the rocks, and then time for a self portrait of grinning dork with bike before heading on down home.

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cyclofiend said...

How'd you find a waterbottle to match your armwarmers?

Tarik said...

Clever me, I had no idea they matched.
I mean years of bagmatching has made me skilled at doing such things without knowing.