Big ass Bike in the flesh

Kelly Bikes is auctioning off the last of the very odd custom bikes that they had hanging around. My favorite? The big ass bike:

Big ass bike
click for flickr and check it all sizes, it is worth seeing at big resolution.

Those are 700c wheels. Every time I post this photo people get upset and tell me that they must be 24" wheels. Wrong 700C.

It is a great bike. It is 83.5 cm st and ht. I think I will try to get it and put a tiller and a kidback tandem crank on it so I can ride it. Ebay auction 330045460487.

There are some tandems and otherstuff being sold as well on ebay. Check em out here under seller name Kelly bike outlet.

Also, there are still nice one inch threadless steel stems for sale along with takeoffs on Kelly's website, here.


Free the Lemmings said...

I'd bid on it, but I heard the cranks are only 172.5 mm. How disappointing.

Slonie said...

Hey Tarik, can I upload this to flickr and put it in my "GIGANTIC FREAKIN' BIKES" pool?

Tarik Saleh said...

I see.


If you don't mind, i will upload it myself tonight and by all means link to it.

Thanks for visiting.


Slonie said...

Even better.