Bike with baskets and shops in boulder

In between the weekends cross races in boulder Elena and I got to hang out with my good buddy Mark in Boulder. I had not seen him since some time in 2005 I believe, so it was good.

Here are Mark and I with bike geek dork grins in front of Vecchios, must have been all the merckx eye candy in the shop:

click for big.

Mark is styling with his disco gold schwinn traveler townie bike with SA hub and wald basket:

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In front of university cycles there was an excellent schwinn cycle truck bolted to the sidewalk with the basket filled with wired on loner tools:

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In order to make the basket a bit bigger, it wraps around the head tube. Spectacular:

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Vecchios was a treat, with great mechanics stations, really nice high end bikes, and parts and lots and lots of collectible bikes, jersey's and the like. I got an eddy merckx bike cap, but had I stayed longer, I am pretty sure I would have bought alot of bike tools after seeing their well thought out work benches and pegboards. University cycles was a complete surprise to me. I had never heard of the shop before. It is probably one of the larger shops I have ever set foot in.The pure quantity of high end bikes on the floor was amazing. Its children's bike section was probably as big as your LBS. It also had a really nice collection of collectible bikes hanging from the ceiling, ranging from the late 1800's to recent Olympian's bikes. Most appeared to be restored, but no matter, it was great to see. Both shops are worth a visit


Mark Bishop said...

Hey Guy-

Thanks for the shout out. Good times up here in Boulder for sure. Welcome anytime.

Jim G said...

Green Bontrager Sweater Sighting!

Andy said...

Hey, Tarik (as if you know me) why didn't you comment on the new Bridgestone frame in the window of the shop? I didn't know they were back in the US! :-)