A return to the zia caboose...

Elena and I had some shopping to do in santa fe. I hate the southern portion of santa fe shopping, so elena graciously drove me to the southern cerillos hell and did the shopping while I toodled about on my picnica. I met her downtown a couple hours later and helped her shop at the great weakness, whole foods, and then on back to the alamos.

Along the way I took some photos for your viewing pleasure.

I took the arroyo chamisas bike trail that runs from the sams club gas station to the santa fe high school where it connects to my old favorite the lamy trail. They had put in a frisbee golf course on the trail since I last rode it. There also was some really funny graffiti paint over modifications, some sort of ongoing battle between the kids and the man. There were big square black paint on the trail where presumably grafitti was painted over. Next someone came along and painted the squares with white paint into little heads:

Last time I rode the trail there were 10's of these, but the black censor paint covered all but two this time...

Next the lamy trail and its dirt trail. Some of the arroyo crossings were a bit sketchy on the 14" wheels, but I managed. You get to see all sorts of neat trestles on the way. This one seemed built in incremental haphazard repairs:

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Shortly thereafter I found a couple of xtracycle warantee registration cards on the trail. Weird eh?:

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Then I arrived to the watering post and the zia caboose. First it looks like the "no hump" train is up on blocks and getting farther on its way to being stripped:

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I checked out the zia caboose and it is definitely getting rebuilt. Lots of progress since last visit. It has proper locks on the door and the windows are blocked off. But you can see lots of repairs, like new windows on the side, new conduit and the like.
Picnica and the zia caboose:

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Big zia made of circular saws on the far side of the train:

I ended the ride at the historic santa fe station:

Grabbed some coffee at the too hip to serve you in a timely fashion aztec cafe, got some comic books at the local comic book store and rode on to whole foods just before dark. It was a good tiny ride on a nice warmish afternoon.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I think I may have saw carfree families goats somewhere on the path too, I almost took a picture, but someone was doing yard workwith the goats and I did not want to freak anyone out.

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