The twenty back on the road...

In august in the midst of moving, I quickly stripped the fork off of my raleigh twenty and ran it down to santa fe to Margo Conover of Luna Cycles whereupon for a minimal fee she brazed on two nice canti bosses on the ridiculous fork. It is nice to have a local framebuilder. Alas, she has retreated to the north, but santa fe's loss is boulder's gain, where I am sure she will do well amid the carnival of superhigh end bikes.

Margo and her nice garage shop in santa fe:

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The canti bosses

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See the whole fork here, it has a cartoonishly long steer tube

Here is the bike rebuilt up.

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This is a good use for v brakes, but apparently I only had super high end paul's Vbrakes in the parts box and the brake levers were canti only. So I dusted off some LX cantilevers and got it running post haste.

The first act was to get a ladder and few rakes from the old place back to the new place. About a mile transfer loaded as such:

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It was slow going, but not too bad. See a video of me riding it here. The bungy cord held it in, the worst part was the ladder forced me onto the nose of the saddle, so it was a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. I followed it up with a run to the hardware store to get a 30" bow saw and a sledgehammer and wedge so I could split some wood. It works great and stops great. I also replaced the indicator spindle thingy on the sachs 5 speed hub, so I can finally get to 1st gear again. It is easy to bend the spindle on the sachs hubs during hamhanded wheel changes, but easy enough to replace. As winter is here again, it is nice to have another bike with a generator hub going...

See some more specs on the bike here.


Jim G said...

20-inch is the new 650b! ;)

Murat Altinbasak said...

Tarik... is this a Turkish name?

Tarik said...


as long as 406 is the new 650b I am fine with it. If we go 451 as the new 650 B I may cry...

Tarik is, in my case, an egyptian name, but as you probably know it is fairly common throughout the northafrica, middle east, turkey range.

Thanks for reading.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Yeah I figured as much. It's okay man. We can't all be Turkish. :)
My Union Velo Blog is linked to you. Take care.

Hjalti said...

I need to ride my twenty more. When I had no road bike it did great duty. Now I pretty much hardly ever take it out.