im in ur internets, haxxoring ur dope tests

A few weeks back mark sent me a link to this ridiculous floyd landis video parody. Pretty silly stuff.

But is it sillier than this:
An associate of Tour de France winner Floyd Landis...was reported Tuesday to be under suspicion of hacking into the computer system at the French national doping testing laboratory (LNDD) of Chatenay-Malabry near Paris.

See the velonews article here.

Ok either floyd landis has a genius for a lawyer who has successfully shown that the lab is not to be trusted, or he hangs out with people who are as dumb as he looks:

Cripes. I wish I could make this up. Maybe his menonit hacker homies are sweeping the internets changing all truth to lies and vice versa.

The doping news is too fast and furious to keep up in the offseason. I just plain old gave up. I read the landis powerpoint defense. i now robotically agree with whatever his lawyer said. Yes. the Lab is wrong. He is right. I applaud he and his lawyer for going public with the info, rather than the no comment approach of tyler, but we will see what happens when things go south with the UCI.

Speaking of the UCI. They decided to suspend 4 piddly US pro MTBers for missing post competition tests that they did not know about. See Jason Sagers blog for his take on his situation. His main post on it is here. I agree with him that it is his responsibility to be available for the testing and thus it is his fault. But I also agree that it probably would have been pretty easy for the drug officials to call him when he was not there after the race to say, uh, hey, where are you? The riders do need to be within two hours of reporting to doping controlls at all times, so what is the big deal about calling them? This Bart guy also got dinged, see his blog for details.

mark also forwarded on this NPR interview with Dick Pound . Pretty good interview, he does not come across as the reactionary footinmouther that he has been in the papers and cycling press. He does say "aboot" alot, but other than that there was not too much in the interview to object too. I am not sure I learned anything though, but it is worth a listen.

The cofidis affair has actually made it to trial this past week. Significantly some riders may actually face jail time for sporting fraud. David "gimp" Millar probably will not face time as he apparently is too big a name to send to jail, and he has repented and now lives clean. A nice turnaround for millar, after he took the deny and slander others route before finally admitting he doped.

Finally it looks like Tyler may be racing on the Tinkoff team, possibly with der Kaiser ya and Daniello Hondo, also a quasi banned racer. It appears that tyler's re-investigation in the operation puerto affair has fallen off with the rest of the case. Should be a interesting team dynamic. There are also rumors of Tinkoff being interested in Francisco Mancebo. Reminds me of the "all steroids olympics" sketch on saturdaynight live.

Anyhow, like I says, there has been too much to keep up with.
I am agog that Saiz was given a pro tour license despite being caught (allegedly) with bags of blood in hand, I am suprised that basso was signed by discovery without a guaranteed DNA test to clear his name from the disintegrating Operacion Puerto investigation. Sheeesh. Who knows.

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