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I got the cats some christmas presents this year. They arrived yesterday and I decided to declare it christmas for the cats, because as cute as they are, cats are easy to fool into thinking its christmas.

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I happened upon these excellent knit and catnip filled dimsum cat toys from save chairman meow. They are beautiful and filled with some of the headiest catnip ever, none of that crappy seedy stalky stuff, pure catbud. They also help support chairman meow (and some animal rescue) a once sick kitty who has now recovered, leaving his gradstudent moms struggiling to manage vet bills on meagre grad student stipends. Having spent an inordinate amount of someone elses money keeping the brave mosca healthy while working on my dissertation, I can sympathize completley.



I also got a wonton and a gyoza, Wendy the chairman meow mom threw in a fortune cookie for good measure. They are all excellent and beautifully made, and completely irresistable to the cats.

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The toys came in a chinese takeout box and the cats needed no help in getting going.In fact wink256 bit elena because he smelled the catnip on her hand. We gave them the whole box unopened and watched.

Next came bedlam.

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It was a catnip induced throwdown, it was the decline of western civilization, it was nancy regans worst nightmare, they got hopped up, they got lovey, they fought, the got munchies, they crashed, they threw one of the toys in the water bowl overnight so they could drink catnip tea.

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Osmium gets the best of radium in the battle for the dumpling.

Here are all four cats getting high:

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The catnip residue made the box almost as good a toy as the dimsums:

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Anyhow, these toys rule. If you are tired of pet store crappy toys, treat your cat right and go over to chairman meow and get yez some high quality dimsum treats. There are also nice tshirts and greeting cards too with great catorevolutionary motifs.

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cyclofiend said...

It's after 11 pm, and my wife wanders out to find me watching videos of other people's cats playing with high quality should-be-controlled substances. She retreats quietly as I erupt in more spasms of laughter. God I love life in the new millenium... Thanks!

christian said...

Wow-- I forwarded this post to my wife and she'd ordered some by the time I got home. The cats seem uninterested in our conical rosemary bush/faux christmas tree, but these should get them going....

Tarik said...

It is such an unbelievably cheap blog trick to do put up ridiculous photos of your pets, but it is highly effective.

I think it has taken 2 days for the cats to come down off the high, but they have sort of normalized.

maigh said...

Love. It.

Note to self: more videos of kitties gettin' high.

We'll have a duel. My cats crazy high v. yours. You've got me outnumbered, but there's still hope.

Anonymous said...
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林曉培Maggie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hay Tarik Saleh I am a mountain biker and thanks for all the cool stuff about bikes anyway I wanted to shout out to you Thanks for directing the movie Metropia was a great sci fi classic

cheers mikron

Tarik Saleh said...

Glad you like the bike stuff, however, I am not the metropia Tarik...