Road Find of the Day - Carbon Fiber Kill Stick

I went up the ski hill on the road bike over the weekend, more pics later. On the way up I found a evil looking arrow on the road. Nice job moron hunters. The tip was all smashed from the impact with the road. Morons.

Did I mention that hunters are very often morons? I can't really think of any safe reason to find an arrow in the road. Morons.

Anyhoo, to punish them I freed the arrow. I carried it up the hill in my hand, stashed it behind a tree, rode up to Canada bonita through the mud and snow and then got the arrow on the way back down. Wrapped the nasty head in bark and cliff bar wrappers, secured with zipties and then used the straps on my handlebar bag to hold it on.

click for big

Worked great, I descended for 7 miles and made it with the arrow safely on the bars. Good stuff. Thanks moron hunters, but you know, cool moron hunters, cause, you know, they hunt with arrows, which is cool. Morons


Anonymous said...

Yes, hunters are morons for losing an arrow (possibly dropped from a quiver) while in the woods to provide food for their family utilizing an ancient and honorable BOW. MEANWHILE... you're not an idiot for bringing your stinking humanity into the woods, eroding roads with your knobby tires, scaring animals with your presence? I'm certain YOU have never lost ANYTHING in the woods. YOU ARE AN ECO DESTROYER - bringing your STINK into the woods. Oh, and, BTW, bicycles are for children - get a job, you stinking, dirty hippy! Peace out, fag.

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks for your contribution. I appreciate you taking the time to compose that.

Total Wimp said...

He almost kinda had a point. Then he lost it so very, very fast and hard in the last few lines.

The point: all kinds of people inadvertently lose things, and hunting abundant animals for meat is not so bad (unless you think meat is murder). Riding through the woods _might_ actually cause more harm to the natural environment than some kinds of hunting. might.

Then, well, he had to show his true stripes.

Just wanted to make sure the baby wasn't thrown out with the bathwater. You were kinda harsh to use "moron" so often in your original post.