Cross is here and others internets diversions

Thanks to JimG and the Cr list, an inspiring cross video from 1944. Get some old french dudes, its remarkable how little cross changes, put giro alien helmets on em and they would fit right in. If i can maintain some semblance of motivation I should be racing in albuquerque on saturday for my 10th year of cross while wearing the stripes. Cross cross cross cross cross cross cross cross.

Also via the CR list, a nice NPR short on the rumbling of a fully wooden velodrome up north somewhere. Now if they could follow that up with the whosh and suck the peleton in a big crit or road race goes by, it would be great. Having only ridden on concrete veledromes, I am envious of the audible aspect of the wooden ones. I am sure the old wood ones in the pre WW2 era were even more rattily.

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