Cross and Truth in advertising?

Made it down to albuquerque saturday for a cross race that went much better than expected. Saw some good stuff on the way back.

Burger king is apparently breaking ground in the breakfast department:


Also a nice lumberjack derived vietnamese food further north:

The race:

All told it was a good race, I remained whole, did not trip and was pretty competitive for at least the first 45 minutes of the hour race. The course was actually a really good single speed course despite having approximately 5 feet of elevation change. Lots of soft grass, hairpins and a long ridable sand section and a long sand running section. Good stuff. They ran the A's and B's simultaneously which actually was pretty cool, it filled in the back of the A pack with B sandbaggers, which made it alot more fun for me, being in the back of the A's and all. I almst did not get lapped, but a few untimely chain derailments and final lap tiredness on my part let the top four guys blow by me in the last half mile. Oh well, the upside was I got to watch the top four guys hammer each other until they all dropped off but the victor. I even remembered how to get on and off the bike at high speed by the fourth lap or so. I was sand spattered, happy and really hungry at the end, the perfect mindset for the ensuing huevos rancheros. 10 years of cross in the bag. Woo!


scott said...

Good Job!!!

But, cross should NEVER be raced in a sleeveless jersey!!!

Tarik said...

You are just afeared of my massive guns.

scott said...

ohyeah, that's it..

btw, we missed those massive guns this weekend. We had five one-geared wonders on the South Boundary ride...