Make wood

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Other than bike racing and working I have been completing small projects about the fraction of an acreage. During the last few weeks, armed only with a hatchet, a 24" bow saw and a tie down, I have been making firable piles of applewood. We have a huge old apple tree that had some big dead/halfdead limbs. Observe the greenish wood:

Observe the dryish wood and kindling:

Observe the giant apricot tree that need some serious trimming next:

Anyone have any non fire ideas for nice tightgrained fruitwood? The apricot tree looks to be even harder and tighter grained than the apple tree. I think the chunks are at the largest 8" in diameter. Can you make axe and hammer handles from them?
Otherwise I will have nice smelling fires this year.

More cross reports soon.


Anonymous said...

Yes, fruitwood -- apple in particular -- makes excellent tool handles.

David said...

howsabout wooden bike fenders? you'll need some clamps and a bandsaw, but you can get $150 a pop for them. email me at david (dot) burke (at) gmail (dot) com if interested.