After 15 days of travel, 13 at sea level, 10 sucking down some serious second hand cigarette smoke in Cairo and 0 days riding, I am back in training for SSWC, which is in 5 days. My plan consists of remembering how to ride my mountain bike without crashing and building up calluses on my hands. The goal is so I can finish the race somewhat quickly and have fun without unnecessary crashing and bleeding and blisters.


Hope to see some of you in Durango this weekend.

Pics from Salt Lake, NJ and Egypt may arrive at some point this week.

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Antoine said...

You are racing in the SS Worlds!!! Fantastic, I am so jealous.

Could I ask that you cheer for the Kiwis that have to sing in the post-race karaoke. They will be truly terrible (we can't even talk properly) but are trying to get next years held down here in Rotorua.

Have a great time and don't forget to drink too much.

- Antoine