The Roshambo 29er lives


Man, that was the slowest build in the history of mankind. I watched the ronde ned flanderseses and then went out and hit all the trails within a 2 mile radius of the house. Maybe 7 miles total? Build details:
Kelly 29er singlespeed frames, lots of Pauls bits.

It rolls and rolls good. Initial impressions:
1. Holy crap! are our trails dry for this time of year, the fires season is going to be a doozy.
2. Man! is it fun to ride.
3. Boy! am I out of shape.

Big thanks to the Team Tarik sponsors that helped make this bike happen and work:
Mellow Velo bike shop in Santa Fe, Paul Components, and Kelly Bike.
No thanks to me for completely freezing up when it came time to build the wheels and extending the build for at least 4 months. This is the first time in 3 years that I have a race ready mountain bike earlier than the night before tierra torture. I may actually race socorro this year! Although that is apparently in two weeks, so lets not be hasty here...


ssportsman said...

wow.. that looks really nice!!! it should be fun

Josh said...


ph0 said...

In Bianchi Celeste Green - fantastic!

flahute said...

Crushar in the Tushar

79 miles, 50% road, 50% dirt, 12300 feet of climbing, 18-mile/5500 vertical feet of descent, highest road in Utah at 11,500 feet, summit finish at a mere 10,300 feet.

You know you wanna ... the captcha below even says "trucker" ... that should be a motivation, right?

Anonymous said...

Just curious if you are still using your Roshambo. Are they still being built? I would really like to try one. I love my 26" Kelly Deluxe SS.

Anonymous said...

I am curious - are you still using your Roshambo? DO you know if they are still being made? I'd love to try one - my 26" Kelly Deluxe SS sees daily use.