Watching the tiny bike men with Aida

A conversation with the daughter while watching the Tour De France today.
TV shows tiny bike men flying down the back side of the Tourmelet.
I am attempting to get Aida to watch the tour instead of shouting and singing louder than the TV.

Me: Aida, look at the tiny bike men racing down the hill
Aida: They are not racing!
Me: Yes, this is a bike race!
Aida: NO!
Me: What are the men doing then,
Aida: They are riding to the grocery store.
Me: Why are they riding to the grocery store?
Aida: To, um, to get tomatoes!
Me: All those riders are going to the grocery store?
Aida: Yes they need to get tomatoes!
Aida: Mad cackling

Then she ran away.

Either teaching by example really works, or Aida wants some tomatoes.


cyclotourist said...

Mmmmmm, gazpacho...

Maureen said...

too cute! we, too, are forcing the kids to watch cycling.