Rootsnake damn near got me.

Greater Los Alamos Rootsnake

The Greater Los Alamos Rootsnake almost kilt me on a high speed descent on the way to work today. I saw it poised to strike. I focused on it and then swerved at the last minute in a panicked manner and almost slid out. I had seen and been startled by this very rootsnake before, but it was sleeping previously. What compelled it to raise its rooty snake head in anger I do not know.

Later this same day:
I almost punctured on a vertebrae.
I got caught in a downpour.
With bonus hail.
I got me a burrito while trailing puddles of water in the burritory.
I got caught in another downpour.
I almost got caught in a third downpour on the way home, but skirted the danger.


cyclotourist said...

Rootsnake, Rootsnake,
Go A way.
Come out and play
An other day.
Today I'll amble
For a downhill ramble,
Burritos and rain,
but no gravel pain.

mindful mule said...

I rode over a snake the other day, on the road, on the road bike. I’d like to call it a rattlesnake but who knows? I didn’t see it until I was right on top of it because of dappled shade/light. Later, my friend said I’d probably killed it! That seems unlikely to me. Can you kill a snake by riding a bike over it?

Desert Dirt said...

Holy moly, the aggressive rootsnakes are often the most sinister. If you had ridden past the offending snake before however, there may be some rider error to factor in to this otherwise fine tale of danger.

Emily said...

Rootsnake. Burritory. Bonus Hail.

Yes, man. YES.

Tarik Saleh said...


While it is possible to kill a snake with a bike, it is more likely that a car already killed it. All the snakes I have actually hit on a bike were already dead. I have bunnyhopped my share of live ones off and on road.

It was poised to strike this time! It could have been error in thinking it benign before!

Thanks! Good to see you here, enjoy your blog.