Daughter Road Runner Pugsley Unicycle

Been hiking a bit with the fierce young lady.
Hiking in the canyon

She has been looking for bugs and chipmunks and squirrels. And monkeys! To take home with her. Alas, we only got bugs. She was unreceptive to the idea that there may be no monkeys to be had in the forests here. But we did see a rare Los Alamos Road runner. They usually stick to lower altitudes, but this is the third I have seen in town since I moved here. This one in the western area (our neighborhood).

Rare Los Alamos Road runner

Took some stuff up a couple hundred feet to a bbq at the park this past weekend.
Party fixins

Got some wheeled goodness to bring home.
Bike cluster

Anyone got some spare fatbike rims (32 hole) tires and tubes they don't need? The unicycle is a vintage schwinn to borrow until I learn how to ride it. The pugsley is mine all mine.

Future plans may include daddy and daughter at the park on the grass while she masters two wheels and I master one.



30 Cent Bike said...

REALLY want to be there for 1 / 2 wheel riding lessons! Me n Cody are still working out the 1 wheel thing. Next Year - squad motto.

Anonymous said...

Note that the uni is a schwinn and takes the Speshul schwinn tire size. and crutches aide in learning to ride said Uni.

and the pugsley was an outcast??

dag... I was hoping to see a pugsley Uni...Or Unipug.

ride well!
John in Chesapeake

30 Cent Bike said...

Checking the comments the current word verification for google is dorkero. Hahahaha!

Tarik Saleh said...

Youse guys are always always welcome to visit to view the lessons, especially if you bring along a schwinn 'lil chik from deep in the iowian archives.

I am well versed in the strange ways of the schwinn tire. I think my family owns 5 s6 bikes and one s7 bike. Maybe more at this point. Some have been converted to regular 559 26, but most not. Fortunately the tire is uncracked and in good shape. The pugs was an orphaned frame due to upgrade to a bigger lighter fatbike by a pal. I think a pugsly uni is a great idea. It probably can be easily done using a pugs fork and some brazing time.. hmmmm...

30 cent,
Dorkero! is that the squad motto? I can picture dorkero well. It must be when I ride my big dummy with my straw cowboy hat. I think it might be when you are in yehuda mode...

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Welcome to the Fattie Club. You already know you won't regret it.

With regard to the Uni, the Fatties have already been there. (Which is to say, here.)