Major media ski sensation and other activities

I made it on the front page of the ABQ journal a few weeks ago with my allegedly excellent ski form:
Cover ABQ Journal 1/12/12

In an article promoting the Chama Chile Classic:
Go! section ABQ journal

Which I completely did not go to this year as I was so tired. Instead I rested after a very fun yet exhausting trip to knoxville for work. I crammed in two rides among working and other shenanigans. I need to go back without working as I did not see quite everyone I wanted to and working really interupted my having fun time.

Riding in the slop with Gary:
Me about to get dropped by hyperfit GaryMoneda

Excellent evidence of a good ride:
Perfect Norris Speckle pattern

I have been skiing a fair bit since I have been back, perhaps races will happen again. The snow is in reasonably good shape and the trails have been well groomed. I did a great little back country ski trip from the ski hill parking lot over and down to the Caldera with my friend zach, more pics here scoping out a guided tour that Zach is organizing. Among the highlights were hopping fences in skis:

Snow biking has been excellent too. Even where the snow is aflame:
The very snow is aflame

Finally the infink is now action little girl. It is good.
Icy swings of death as the sun goes down



bikelovejones said...

A in the swing - that photo is awesome!

I have never successfully skied in my life. (I tried a few times on a neighbor's chil-sized wooden skis -- I always ended up sitting down on them and he eventually took them back, fearing I'd break them or something).

Sweetie and I go snowshoeing occasionally and that's a fun alternative.

Enjoy your fleeting fame --BH

Chad said...

I'm not too hip on the snow racing scene, so correct me if I'm wrong. Does the presence of the snowshoer suggest that you are skiing, um, slowly? :)

Moving on, we are planning to visit NM this summer. We should pay a visit!

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks! I am pretty reasonably skilled at nordic skiing now after 8 years or so of living out here. I ski 2-4 times a week in the winter it is much more fun than long rides when it is cold here.

Ha. It was some cluster of multiple races on a multilap course going on simultaneously. Let us know when you are coming. Lets have dinner and a child cage match.

ph0 said...

Unfortunately we have absolutely no snow this year in the middle of Germany. In Austria and Italy they have so much snow, that they can use the closed highways for skiing like this guy here: http://bit.ly/xL42ze

Chad said...

You know, normally I am a pacifist (one reason I'm happy to not work at a DOE complex anymore), but a cage match might do my girls some good. Maybe they could learn that eating food and sleeping at night lead to increased size and improved health. Or just that pain hurts. Either way.

Tarik Saleh said...

I am suspicious. Who grooms the highways for skate skiing? Pretty cool pic though. Our trails are barely holding enough snow for nordic, either a couple of good snowstorms, or we are done in 2 weeks.

If not cage, we can have a ladder match.