Cats don't get coffee

Wink256 does not want.
I spent much of last weekend cleaning and regasketing the Pavoni espresso machine. The shots were not coming out at all for the last month, I just did not have time to trouble shoot it. I found many issues that were contraindicated to good espresso. They are all fixed. Due to the clean and well functioning machine, I had to rejust my grind to finer and I am back pulling beautiful shots. Apparently I need to clean it more than once every 3.5 years. Noted!

Big thanks to Christopher Cara from Thomas Cara Ltd. for some phone advice for the fixing some issues.

Finally, I am disappointed that the cats don't even notice good espresso. It was a really good shot. For shame Winky. For shame


cyclotourist said...

Huzzah for a clean and shiny on the inside La Pavoni!

lemmiwinks said...

Nice crema!

30 Cent Bike said...

In the same spirit of the "Fight / Ride with / have dinner with anyone who ever lived game" we pick Wink as the cat we would most like to spend an afternoon on a couch with a blanket reading books with. Whatever that might entail or lead to is up to him, like it is with most cats.

Tarik Saleh said...

30 cent,

You are welcome any time to try it. I can predict you will end up having to feed him a few times more than you bargained for. You may have to fight Aida for his attention.

Vik said...

I'm not sure I'd want to see my cat after a couple shots of espresso!