Big Dummy on the Roof of a Hatchback

One way to carry the big dummy when it must be carried on a small car.
Big dummy on the roof of the Golf
Going criss cross over multilple roof racks was much more sturdy than I originally thought.
Big dummy on the roof of the Golf
I was almost able to lay it straight with the tire on the roof of the car and strap the chainstays to the rack, but it did not seem to be that sturdy.
Big dummy on the roof of the Golf
This way let me drive from my house to the ski area parking lot, 7 miles and 2000 vertical each way. This was to haul a bunch of camping supplies, water and tools up into the Santa Fe National Forest for a trail maintenance party a few years back. I was just discussing how to haul the big dummy on a car with a pal, and thought I should share...
From the comments, check out Big Dummy Daddy's solution More permanent like...


Keith Moore said...

In a pinch, you could also just carry the VW on the back of the Big Dummy. :)

Andy D. (aka Big Dummy Daddy) said...

Nice job in adapting. Here's the slightly more permanent solution that I came up with to carry my Dummy: http://bigdummydaddy.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-dummy-ifyed-roof-rack.html

ssportsman said...

Nice Tarik!! i was actually satisfied with our solution (next time I'll put something between the rear tire and the roof, like I mentioned, it'll be rare that the big dummy will be on the rack and even more rate that it ouwld be the only bike up there. Also had to remove the inner pedal because of the cargo box.

JB said...

I dig those solutions.

For an off the shelf solution, I recommend ATOC topper racks: http://atoc.com/biketopper.php. The rear portion attaches/detaches with a sturdy pin. In it's long form it carries a tandem or xtracycle just fine on my Corolla.