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I think Vik stole this post from inside my brain. Lazy's guide to chain maintenance. I would stress again his points in case you don't want to read it: Don't clean your chain, just ride. 15 dollar SRAM 1,8 and 9 speed chains are your friends. Replace em often. Bright orange rust chain is good. Ok, maybe not that last part, but I would add that if you hate doing maintenance on your bike, ride more single speeds.

My yard is filled with clay soil, i want a woodfired pizza maker. I live in NM, why have I not done this yet? I will attempt to slowly rectify this over the next few years: Root Simple's Earth Oven Untitled I am pretty sure the guy who taught the workshop is based just down the mesa from here. I need to figure this adobe stuff out. And then cook the hell out of some pizza's and bread.

Finally some sweet Tallbikes are about. From Geekhouse: Frankendork Rises Again!

and perhaps even better, this touring tallbike via the often NSFW suckapantss: _1000767.jpg

Currently headed from brooklyn to minneapolis.

Oh yeah, check out the big picture for great bike photos, among them an excellent flood tall trike in thailand (12).

Finally, if you like links of mostly bike stuff, check out the velocanoose, I post lots of bike videos and links over there...

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Anonymous said...

So you will be riding a tall bike to work at 55 soon?