Yield to snaquestrians. Alas, 20 odd miles of riding and running on this trail, no sightings of any snakes or creatures other than some angry Ospreys who did not like us anywhere in the neighborhood of their nests.

I did score this slashy slashy gutty gutty knife on one of the fishing put-in access road. Sitting there open on a dirt road. I first almost ran it over on my bike, then I needed to through my body over it to protect it from an aggro pickup truck driver in a big hurry to get to the road.

Road find

Satisfyingly heavy, made in china, Winchester brand, "executive" wood and brass finish.

Spent a nice weekend taking the baby on her first real tent camping trip. She loved it. I am not sure I can hack ground sleeping anymore. But it was nice to go up north for a bit to beat the heat.



lemmiwinks said...

Self inflating mattress FTW. It's still a long way down/up though.

fatbob29r said...

I found the exact same make/model of knife while returning a rental box truck, also open, mine was sitting on top of the gate. Wonder if it's some sort of game?

Ray said...

Not a rattlesnake warning, but a live extension cord with worn insulation warning.

Camping as a kid was really important for me to be comfortable outside as an adult. She's a lucky kid.