Quick Update on the Resolution with NAHBS

So since that last post went mini-viral, I wanted to kind of reiterate what went into that getting posted in the first place and how Paul Skilbeck and I came to a resolution. After a couple unproductive email exchanges after I put up the post initially, Paul called me and we got down to some resolution on where things went sideways and some legit apologies.

So I think I have been clear that I was not pissed at getting rejected for the media pass, but more because someone was walking around with my name and blog on their media pass.
I do acknowledge that stuff like this happens often at shows, and I was expecting a quick apology and resolution when I went to talk to Paul in the press office.
The fellows at the desk sent me back to talk to Paul, which I don't think he was expecting as he was dealing with resolving a pretty time sensitive crises. He probably did not have a full grasp of exactly what the issue was at the time and basically acted in a way that I misinterpreted as a complete blow-off which truly angered me and spurred me to write that post. I was with my daughter and did not really want to stick around beyond a quick resolution so I bailed out quickly as well. There were some other extenuating misinterpretations that probably exacerbated the situation in the Media room Saturday morning. I think we got to a point where Paul genuinely apologized for the error in the media pass and I certainly apologize for getting that spun up. I am not sure that my original post is that inflammatory, but certainly combined with some blog comment name calling and I suspect a fair bit of impolite direct email, and massive traffic, it did get out of hand this afternoon. Combine that with me not being able to moderate comments or monitor page views and that leads to me getting a pretty interesting phone call from Paul tonight, that ultimately lead to understanding, apology and resolution. I think we both are at the point we should have been quickly Saturday morning in the media room, but with a much more interesting journey between than we intended. That is pretty much all I will say on the matter anymore, feel free to comment, I will close em up if it goes all sideways again. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow some pictures, really...


Anonymous said...

These aren't the most media savy people in world. One of the morons did try to ban personal cameras at nahbs 2.0, a total disconnect from intelligence.

Blonde Honeytrap said...

I loved this exchange from the last thread:

Unknown: "HOW did a pass bearing Tarik's name and the name of his blog come to be issued [after you told him he didn't qualify] and given to someone who was obviously NOT Tarik?"

Paul Skilbeck: "How else would I do it?"

I suppose one other possible course of action would be to deny Tarik a pass, not print the pass, and not give it to someone not Tarik.

Paul Skilbeck's evasive non-sequitors and "dirty laundry" innuendo magnify this kerfluffle, and make his actions read like a ruse even if they're not.

It doesn't help that sending someone out with someone else's id is a classic way to "run traps" as the feds or private dicks might say. Any reason someone might want to diagram Tarik's associates at an obscure trade show?

Heh, heh. The bike industry is worse than politics in academia. I guess because the stakes are even lower.

Dumb Blonde Honeypot said...

Oops, that's not a non sequitor (or not entirely), if Paul was responding to a previous Unknown post.

Too complicated. That's why I ride a single-speed and avoid trade shows.

Tarik Saleh said...

Ok, thanks for the comments, and thanks for fixing the non-contiguous comment flow criticism. Just remember, keep things civil, I don't really like to moderate comments, but I did not publish a couple completely non productive doozies...

Tarik Saleh said...

Ok, thanks for the comments, and thanks for fixing the non-contiguous comment flow criticism. Just remember, keep things civil, I don't really like to moderate comments, but I did not publish a couple completely non productive doozies...

NonProductive Doozy said...

My dear, if factually lazy, friend Dr. Honeytrap is trying to bait me into a paranoia riff-off. But, alas Honey, the basic fact here is too clear for embroiderment:

There is not a blond woman in America who would not leap at the chance to be Tarik Saleh for a day.

Not even on Reddit could one claim otherwise.

Next year, NAHBS will hire Jennifer Lawrence to deliver Tarik's press pass in person.

Byron said...

This is why people should not work from home. Queen Marissa said it's much better to spend your time bouncing ideas off each other in cafeterias than this.

Anonymous said...

I read you're original post about the matter. i didn't feel you were out of line at all, and I understood that your were more upset about someone wearing a badge with your credentials. BTW, when they originally denied your request and suggested more blog traffic, wheat did they have in mind?


Honeycups said...

Dearest Doozy, you once again mistake begging for baiting. PLEASE come out and play. There is so so much material here. There are even multiple Tarik Saleh's! (Check out the Swede, eh?) I'm telling you the no-fly list has nothing on the no-biking list. Or the no-stinkin-bloggers list.

"Blond ambition" is your generation talking, and, please, Jennifer has been a brunette for DAYS now. Send Anne Kendrick for a Solo solo.

Meet me in the cafeteria and I'll bounce some ideas off you. And some tots.

bikewrider said...

I loved every bit of NAHMBSS#%H*E coverage I could find, but the drama you found yourself embroiled in was easily the highlight for me.

I also found it amussing that the "villain" in the story even managed to misspell your name in one of his replies to your first post (while managing to spell it correctly on the pass that you did not recieve), passive aggressive if you ask me (and I am somewhat of an expert at passive aggressive).

If you handled the situation with even half as much class as claim to have, then you have garnered oodles of respect from me.

Finally, as a lame, little read, lazy blogger myself it seems that simply having a press pass badge with your name and blog on it would have been the ultimate souvenir, even if it wasn't available to you for the show. Bummer.

The Doozy who smoked the hornets' nest said...

No no diggity with so so material, Fröken Dr. Honey. Jessica Chastain says bag up those tots til next time, cuz, we out.

I mean you're welcome.

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Glad to hear you reached a happy place on this. I've redacted my post on the subject in its entirety -- I figure, if you're happy, no reason for my screed to be out there for The Googles to find for all eternity. Seemed like the most Tarik Saleh Bike Club Rule #2 way to go.

Now, on to ogle NAHBS photos! Because in the end, isn't that what it's all about?