Lizards, Ravens, and Me

After a hot short ride to get some lunch and coffee, I took the scenic route back through the county trails in the canyons. I only had to share them with the lizards and ravens, and maybe a few jays. Most of the other trails in the area are closed for fire restrictions right now, so I was surprised to see not a single other person on the trails from the aquatic center to the roundabout. It has been about as hot as it ever gets up here and a bit smokey still from a number of local fires, but still it was a nice bucolic ramble in the canyon.

Mid ride coffee break in the canyon

I drank my coffee on the bridge looking over the depths of the canyon. Dawdled about for a bit, snapped some photos and then headed on my way. Trails are not too technical, mostly singletrack, just combinations of smooth dirt, loose dirt, sand, slick rock, and rocky trails. The ocean air rambler shod in the bruce gordon rock and roads is just spectacular on most smooth trail. Swoopy fast smoothish stuff is a blast. Handles great on single track. The bottom bracket is too low to be really in the monster cross category, but with careful pedaling you can get through reasonably technical rocky bits. I had a great ride.

Rock jumblethon

At the roundabout I hopped back on the road and head back home and enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching some much needed thunderstorms roll over the mountains.

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Velosopher said...

A well-penned report and a handsome phot of a handsome bike. You make me deeply miss NM.

I smacked my forehead when I saw your RnR tires -- I meant to give those a try on my trusty Salsa Vaya, but ended up with Clement X'Plor MSOs; a nice tire, but I'm so curious about that tread on the RnR.

Enjoy the Land of Enchantment for me.... sigh!