Tarik Saleh Bike Club Hats _Sold Out!

See above for current cap order

Ok, Caps lasted exactly 24 hours. I will do another run of these soon, email me to get on the preorder list.


I finally got around to ordering some Tarik Saleh Bike Club embroidered wool bike caps from Randi Jo Fabrications. They just got in and are awesome. I have about 10 to sell. Pretty much all are size medium, which should fit up to about 7 1/2 hat size. I am about a 7 1/2 fitted cap nowadays and the medium is a nice fit with a reasonable head of hair. If you want to learn more about the hats or just order your own check out Randi Jo's Caps. If you are borderline, you might want to skip it for now or email me for future orders of larger caps.


6 of the caps are a lightweight orange wool with navy TSBC man logo. 4 are Reddish burgundy with thicker wool (normal for Randi Jo caps) with a slightly insane and hard to focus upon lighter blue embroidered TSBC man logo.


Cost is 32 bucks shipped to your door (USA) with three TSBC pins, one of each color (white, silver and holographic). If you want one, send me an email at tariksaleh at gmail dot com. I will sell em in the order received. You should also pledge to embrace the TSBC rules. If I manage to sell out quick, I will probably do another order this year, or maybe shirts or patches or maybe everything.

Somehow Aida is not as psyched as me. Details later tonight. Woop!


nordic_68 said...

Previous comment lost in the ether. Those are sweeeet. But I'm one of the few pinheads in the world. Nothing med/unisex fits me. I'll check the RandiJo measurements when I get home, but it's likely a no-go...

Tarik Saleh said...

Hey nordic68.
Hats sold out quick, I am doing another order this year, email me so I get your contact info and I will let you know, I will run it as preorders so size outliers can preorder the caps in their noggin size.

mindful mule said...

Chapeau! Great idea. I can't believe I missed it. I'll try to get in on the next batch...

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah I will announce it in advance when I am doing the preorders, but email me at tariksaleh at gmail, and I will have a direct email reminder.
I was not sure how well this run would go and did not want to be stuck with too many hats, so I kind of stealthed it.



Anonymous said...

I got a button yesterday from Dave at Mellow Velo. I didn't even ask what it was, this bike club, I just joined...blindly and without hesitation. Actually I joined because of the handsome and stylish image on the button and also because of my deep need to feel that I matter and that I belong, despite the fact that I find all clubs, groups, scenes and organizations suspect, particularly any group that would have me as a member. In fact I will probably kick myself out of the club for some imagined atrocity (not yet daydreamed into manifestation), an infraction of such unspeakable horror, dishonor and in-appropriateness that it would cause even my own morally and spiritually bankrupt SELF to shudder at the thought.

That being said, when are the out of stock items coming back?

Tarik Saleh said...


fantastical that david is extending the clubs members, I need to bring a small jar of pins for him to give away. The club is inclusive with low standards to maintain inclusivity. So it is hard to get kicked out.

Hoping to do another round of stickers and hats before year end. Watch this space...

Tarik Saleh said...

New Hat Order Details: