Here is another of the Mosca sleeping in the bed last week. Woo, who would have thought I would be party to a gratuitous kitty blog!

For those who care, mosca is a stately 17 year old lap cat, as of two years ago she was still "Mosca, slayer of hummingbirds", but it appears age has caught up with her and she barely gives the tiny pugnacious flying sugarcubes a second glance.


Sarah said...

Pretty, pretty Mosca... Such a nice idea, Tarik. But really, I will be surprised if you can fill the blog! :)

Soren's Family said...

What a nice looking cat!

Carolyn Helmke said...

Wow, Tarik, this is SO post modern and yet very very victorian at the same time. I love it = a cat sitting blog!

Maybe you can get a guest spot in the cartoon "Cathy."

In any event, great to hear from you!