As you may know it is real dry like here in the high desert of Northern New Mexico. The temperatures at this time of year range from high of 80's to lows in the freezing range at night. The Santa Fe, Los Alamos region is at altitudes of 6000-7500 feet. My old place in Los Alamos was at 7500, the current house is right around 6000. Septemeber is a weird month as it is still the growing season for plants and veggies in peoples gardens, however the overnight cold snaps can lay waste to a garden of flowers and veggies in no time at all. Here is perhaps the last week of the riot of mini sunflowers in the yard:

The fruit trees in the front yard are benefitting from weekly(ish) flooding from irrigation overflow from a neighboring farm. We had a major flooding on 9/17 and a minor bit of water last night. I took the hint and hit all the aspens, fruit trees and grape vines in the non flooded part of the property with a nice soak from the hose or from the cisterns. Hopefully the weather will stay cool enough that all the trees will be good for two weeks or so. Here is the ersatz engineer/hick rancher dancing in the New Mexico clear gold:

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