Cold as a Cold Thing

No entries for a while. The family descended for thanksgiving, it was cold and it actually snowed briefly. Just enough to make everything looklike it had been powdered with sugar. Thanksgiving was great and went smoothly. Then, it got a bit colder, and then this week it got very cold. High of 30 or so, low of 10 or 7 or 12, or something cold. Mosca and I are curled up on a warm spot on the floor trying to avoid freezing to death.

The roof is covered with a thick layer of insulation now, which is great. The house seems noticably warmer, except that it is 10 degrees out in the AM and everything is cold and ice is falling from the sky. Rather than letting cold air in, all the windows suck heat from you when you pass by, much like you get a chill when you pass the physical embodiment of pure evil. Best solution is lying in the middle of the floor where the warm spots are and not moving. Cats are very useful for showing you where these spots are, as that is where they lie. I feel a bit guilty pushing mosca to the cold part of the room so i can lie on the warm bricks, but she is covered in fur and I am not, or at least mostly not. The very fact that I am the people and she is the cat should be justification enough, as the cat should be used to such injustices, what with their insulting lack of opposable thumbs and inability to open the fridge and the like.

Must get back to the floor again.

In bike news, I have not touched mine, any of em, in over a week and they may actually for real build a velodrome in Albuquerque, this time with some vague promises of the Philly USPRO Championship abandoning Wachovia Bank pouring enough money in to create a world cup worthy indoor velodrome. I will believe it when I see it, but this would be an amazing boon for track racing in the US. As ABQ is at 5500 feet or so, there might actually be a flood of hour record seeking tiny skinny men descending on NM.

Pics soon.

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If and when, I want pics of the "flood of tiny skinny men."