Done Bike Rid

I did a real bike ride today. Not a commute to lunch, but the kind where you get on your bike and ride off road and crash because the trail is loose because you are running 28mm tires and your brake levers point down afterwards and then your wrist hurts a bit, but you keep riding and explore 1 new trail and 1 new road and you are sore as crap as you have not ridden in 2 weeks (even counting the lunch commutes), but otherwise you are still feeling endorphins 10 hours later. It was 35 degrees and windy at noon, but it may have been 40 plus when I left a few hours later. So it was a great ride, especially when the cold wind died. Woooooo!

After you pass the peacock flock and the goats and the first wash, yet before you get to the apple ranch and the second wash, the road looks about as good as it can get:

But then it gets better as you get to the single track. Last I rode it, it was buffed and hard and smooth as can be due to it being the end of the rainy season. This time it was a quite a bit loose as it has been really dry and the trail sees a fair bit of bike, run, walk and pooping equestrian use. Say what you want about MTB being winged locust etc., at least we do not SHIT in the middle of the trail. How is this OK trail etiquette wise? Huh? Get your act together horsey people. No one likes seing big heaping turds in the MIDDLE of the trail. Also, stop riding your horses on steep loose stuff, you WRECK the trail far more than any cyclist could ever do. Sheesh. Even the cows are not that bad and they shit on the side of the trails, and do not voluntarily go up or down insanely steep stuff. Cows, yes! horses, no! Plus your horses are stupider than cows. I don't care how pretty you think they are. I hope that the next horse person I see on the trail is a huge rancher with a big black cowboy hat who speaks spanish better than english, cause if I see a 12 year girl with curly blond hair and braces riding her show pony, shitting on the trail, and riding down the steep pitches turning the twisty single track into a landslide, I may loose it.

Uh, anyway, what was I getting at? Oh yes. The trail. I think this is nice beat in cow track on BLM land, so it is square profile singletrack on sandstone, a bit sketchy on the fixie when you get close to the edge, but pretty damn good:

Click on the above for big pics, they are quite nice I think.

Somehow I missed getting the snowcapped mountains with a hard snow line at 10K feet or so. Pretty nice backdrop to some riding.

That is a barbie head on the handlebars. She was rescued from the Truck Route in Los Alamos last summer. She used to have a road find flowered barrette keeping her hair managable, but, alas, it fell off during a time trial in august, so now I am hoping she grows dreads:

i think that is it.
Remember, up with cows!

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-jimg said...

hola Tarik,

what bike is this you're riding these days? Beakham is dead/cracked, right? (long live Beakham!)