Black Hole wheeled detritus

I spent a bit of time last weekend visiting one of the truly unique places in los alamos, The Black Hole. I was looking for a more sturdy bench vice for the workshop and, while the black hole pretty much has everything, they don't got that. I spoke briefly with the owner, Ed Grothus, and he kindly told me to "do whatever I want" in regards to photographing stuff and putting it on my blog. Afterwards he went back to recycling cat food tins. Thanks Ed!

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The Black Hole is a repository of "nuclear waste" as Ed puts it. He pretty much bought lots and lots and lots of salvage from Los Alamos National Lab, and offers it for resale. It has so much stuff in it, so haphazardly, I can't really get my head around it. I am pretty sure I want to buy lots of stuff from there, but every time I go I get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of crap and come to the realization that I need nothing. Good for me.

In true moscaline fashion I bring you a small fraction of the wheeled detritus available at the mighty black hole. For a less specific overview, see more photos around the interweb at Jsn's boozehound labs and this flkrpage.

It is probably worth clicking all the images for enlargement as it is impossible to display the magnitude of chaos from a small cropped image.

A pile of burnt relics from the cerro grande fire

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Where Exercycles go to die

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a mighty freewheeled flywheel

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Actual bicycles!

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Homwbrew moped wheeled gurney?

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Random wheels on the inside

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geri said...

I hope you at least brought home the home brew cycle! Maybe an Edinator inspired King wheel would take it to the next level

christian said...

sorta reminds me of Boeing Surplus http://www.boeing.com/assocproducts/surplus/retail/index.html

Tarik Saleh said...

It is almost exactly like Boeing surplus, except it is mostly crammed in an unheated leaky old supermarket, devoid of order or sanity, and the stuff is not in as nice condition. I did vist Boeing surplus a few years ago and was similarly overwhelemed, but not quite as chaotic. I really wanted to buy a 2' diameter inflatable airplane wheel for bicycle purposes, but was not sure how to get it home from seattle...

carla said...

that seems like a place jaybasile would enjoy...