Heading to Durango in Sept.

I used to enter stuff like this in the campus art competition when I was an undergrad, I never won anything though. At least this time I get to race. I am guessing that it had more to do with getting the entry in the mail on 1/5 than my stellar colored pencil skills, but hell, I spent some time on it so I could hopefully avoid missing another SSWC.

I made it to 99, 2000 and 2002 editions and I am looking forward to this one.

Info here, still time to get your entry in and space is not filled, so get your coloring pencils and get on it.

I see a couple of familiar names on the initial entry list. Any one else going?

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gpickle said...

Well crud Tarik, I am of two minds about this whole SSWC09 thingy.

It would be great to see you and Fassbinder and Ira and all the silliness but I lost lots of respect for the SSWC when they turned it into a freaking go-cart race for the title and Jesse LaLonde got snubbed. He prolly don't care and while some folks love that wacky stuff I am not one of them. Even worse (for me) is that it is a loooong trip out to Durango as I know from going out there in an ol' VW with Kim and friends for the Iron Horse in 1995 and getting crashed out all of 3 miles in or something PLUS I told myself I would not go back to Durango until I had walked there from Denver so I guess the short answer is that regrettably I am not going.

Have fun though, you should take Aida, she needs to know who she is dealing with.