Despite the deluges

I/we got some riding in. Sunday between storms:
First family outing with the trailer

First family outing with the trailer

Monday around them:

Me, caldera

Yay bicycles.
And wild irises:
Wild Iris


Antoine said...

I'm liking your Evel Knievel helmet.

christian said...

Those helmets come in kiddo sizes too http://www.nutcasehelmets.com/Pages/LittleNutty.aspx
(sadly not the Evel K model--we went with the colored dots). Our 18 month old kid seems to like it more than the regular bike style--not sure why since it's a little bit heavier, hotter. I think the straps are somehow less annoying. I'm not telling you to put a helmet on your kid, btw. We chose one because it's state law here in CA and because we use a bakfiets which has no trailer-style roll cage.

Tarik Saleh said...

We did buy her one of those little nuttys, I think the minimum helmet size listed is a little optimistic, her headsize is right at the minimum and even tightened all the way up it is too big. We are probably going to go get her another one to tide her over.

christian said...

Ah.. yeah. Our kid is especially melon headed (like his size 8 dad!), so we didn't have that issue. The 1st one we got was a Trek branded (I'm imagining that most of them come from a helmet-making city, much like the fabled sock city http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2005-12/01/content_499523.htm , somewhere in China) which seemed to adjust to be pretty small with a velcro-adjuster headband arrangement.

Marrock said...

C'mon, this is Tarik we're talking about...

That's not Evel Knievel, it's Captain America.

Everyone knows he's a superhero just pretending to be a goofball blogging about his cats.

LAUREN said...

that helmet is hella cool!