Shade tree wrenching under the flowers

Shade tree wrenching

I think I finally have my Kogswell PR dialed in. It is tricky to get the dirt drops right for me. I think I have the tops 1" above the saddle. I need to make sure that it is right and then I may tape the bars.

As you may note, the wrenching is done under the spectacular pinkish blooms of the hawthorn tree. I hate this tree, except for when it is blooming. We are at the tail end of the flower season now. All the fruit trees are done, same with the lilacs, tulips and daffodils. The lillies and the sages are up next.

I am glad to see that we will be getting cherry, apple, plum and peaches this year, the fruits are starting and are going well, barring the everpresent danger of the late may freeze. The apricot tree looks to have maybe a dozen apricots, which is impressive given the number of hard freezes we had during the flowering period. It looks like the grape vines will be flowerless again this year. Especially since the deers have got at them.

apple tree

See more at the everything in bloom set on flickr.


Brad said...

Hey Tarik,

I've been lurking for a while here, and am wondering what stem you are using on your Kogswell. I too would like to use a drop bar like yours, but am confused about the stem.



carrie said...

nice apron! glad it comes into use ;-)