Not so fat winkie

Wink256 is down around 17lbs! I wish we could claim victory as cat parents of the year, but it was serious health problema (possibly surgery causing constipation, horay!) that pushed us to radically change his diet and by extension, make him sort of skinny. He was a mighty 25lbs earlier last year at some point. See him at the height of his powers

See him now:

The key? Well, with 3 other cats we just left food out all the time and Wink256 had some self control issues. Now we have stopped that, and feed the other three cats seperately from winkie. He gets only soft mostly protein food and some greenies. Thats it. Mixed with some special laxitive stuff. Yummy! He is much better and now can get on the counters and up trees where he never would get before. He also complains constantly about being starving, see video above. But in reality, he just craves kibble. No kibble though, it has the possibility for relapsing him into constipation hell.

Also, he likes to remind us that we still need to spend vet money on him. This time he got his ass kicked by one of the two big black tomcats in the neighborhood. Now he is sporting the poodle look, gets the antibiotics and cost us 80 buckeroonies. Thanks Pal. A least the vets were impressed with his thinnitude.


Jim G said...

Don't high-protein diets lead to renal failure in cats? Tiger has been on low-protein Rx food for the past couple of years since he's showing signs of early kidney disease...

gpickle said...

Awww, Winky, your Iowa doppelganger sends out a mewl of respect from under the end table where he is hugging the floor seeking refuge from our heat and humidity.

He does look pretty good Tarik! Except for the shrapnel injuries, poor guy. Hope he got in a good swat or two, too.

Are you going to go out and try to see a tour divider breeze by?

Tarik Saleh said...

Uh, not sur, I think everything causes renal failure in cats, too fat, too much weight loss, too this too that. But I think long time scale kidney problems pale in comparison to the possible surgery that would have more or less removed all his intestines so his stomach would be pretty much attached to his butt directly.

Thanks for the kind words, I am not sure who he tangled with, but I always hope he gets in some good ones too.
I keep forgetting to follow the tour divide this year. Unlikely that I will see it at all. I will check the internet to see how our favorite loose chain case is doing.