Ooops, more bikes

Somehow I think I added 4 bikes and a trailer to the horde this week. It was an accident.
From reverse order of accrual:

Matched purply goodness

Found a matched set of his and hers Schwinn Travelers at a garage sale early this morning, they were asking too much, so I came back at 2pm as they were shutting down and we haggled it down to the point where I have them now. Bwa ha ha ha. SA AW hubs, 1964 &1965 date stamps, finned fenders, front and rear generator lights, all original, needs new rubber and cables and brake pads and some other love, but the chrome is in good shape, the paint is purplicious. I have not bought a fair number of derailered Schwinns of this era as they all seem to be untunable wrecks, but these have the lovely AW hubs and the nicer quality stems, and chrome bits on the chainguards and the like. Good stuff. More details:
Excellent Pedals

Miller lamps

Finned fenders

I think there were never any Schwinn shops in Los Alamos as Chicago Schwinns are few and far between at garage sales here, and when they appear, they are often imports from other states. These were bought at the George Garner Cyclery in Northbrook IL. Anyhow, great stuff.

At a different garage sale we scored one of those plastic tricycles with a long handle that ties into the steering system. I think Aida has a few more inches before she can reach the pedals, but she is getting there... No pictures of that.

Finally, we got a double chariot trailer/jogger from a coworker for a good price. We already have a single, but the only downfall of the single is lack of cargo space in addition to the baby, so we got this so elana can go shopping by bike and bring the baby... If it does not fit in with our needs, I am pretty sure we can sell it or the other one quickly... It came bundled with the bike attachment, the jogger wheel and the "daddy rickshaw" attachment. It also came with a pretty nice 12" ralleigh kids bike which will go in the waiting for aida pile. I may pull the cranks off it to make a lik-a-bike type contraption. Here is me hauling it all home from work on the P/R:
Haulin more bike crap on home


Mark Bishop said...


I'm pretty sure the Chariot has ski attachments that instantly change your status to "hardman of winter" whenever you implement said trailer. I expect a full report on the true experience of hauling progeny on skate skis.


Antoine said...

Those Schwinns are magnificent in their matching purpliciousness. What a find.

Anonymous said...

And your plans for the mister and missus schwinn?

Chad said...

Are you trying to be the Black Hole for LA bikes?

Good info about the trailers. We bought a double from local craigslist because it was the first available and was cheap. But we have some time before trying it out.

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah yeah yeah, no, yeah, the ski attachments were the driving force on getting the chariot in the first place, we decided to wait a year to get them though, so next winter I will be in full on slow skate ski hauling mode...

Thanks, they are pretty great.

Family riding around the neighborhood in style. I just need to do some serious brake cable housing and pad replacement and they may be just about perfect.

Yes, the plan is to have enough bikes to have ridable bikes for all visitors simultaneously! The double is great for hauling, but it is really big and hard to store, fortunately we have the carport, our single one sits inside.

ALBERT said...

Good idea to get a bigger trailer for shopping. I took Hannah shopping a couple of weekends ago and over estimated how much the trailer could hold. I felt bad when she had to ride home wedged between the groceries, feet up on the paper towels, and a loaf of bread in her lap.

Lee from Seattle said...

What a productive weekend! I think a 3-speed is the perfect light errand bike. And matching His & Hers to boot!

wilczek said...

Tasty classic retro roadsters! Looks like Schwinn (and others) are revisiting this look, this philosophy with their latest machines.

Anonymous said...

What kind of rack do you have on front of your haulin bike?

Tarik Saleh said...


Thats a Pauls flatbed. A pretty good rack if you don't overload it (25lb max). I have overloaded mine frequently and it is starting to be way more flexible than it should be.
I have had it since 2000 or so, so it has been pretty well used and abused, but now there are so many options for good looking racks that I would steer you toward a racklady or cetma rack...