I have long coveted a way of not only finding out where the cats are, but where they have been. I looked into coming up with a home made system, but I wanted live tracking, not putting a GPS watch on their collar and downloading it afterwards, but more of a Lojack for the cats, it was way beyond my technical skill.

But today at the pet store I saw this:

Ok, so it is $600 bucks, and it has a dorky antenna on the collar, but at least it exists. I need a maruders map of the cats so I can figure out not only where they are hiding, but where they have been after looking for them for 3 hours. And where the hell they go during the day. So this needs to be $200 for the system and less than $10 for each collar mounted system so it does not hurt too much when they loose the collar in the sewer. It needs to track at least 4 cats simultaneously. Good naming of the product as well... So we are getting there.

Clearly the TDF uses something similar for the rider tracking, but they fit under the seats. I am pretty sure that Garmin probably developed this for David "gimp" Millar" but then decided it was more marketable for a dog tracking system. I would like to see him win a stage wearing an antennaed collar. Maybe with some sort of remote shocking capability as well? Anyways...


2whls3spds said...

Cool...but then again I am not sure I reeeealy want to know where the cat has been, sometimes.

Somewhere on the WWW somebody's cat has a blog where they outfitted him with a collar cam and downloaded it at the end of the day. Interesting stuff. (sorry can't find the link at the moment)


Tarik Saleh said...


I see what you mean, I fear a video would be hours of eating a rotten bird and vomiting over in the bushes behind the neighbors house.

Ray said...



He's got a GPS project, too!

Domestic cat behavioralists should rejoice!