Bay area wrap up

Some more bikey and other things from the Bay area, while you peruse, please ponder this, in one of the Starbucks on Union Square we saw on day 1:
Young well dressed woman of maybe 23 years, eating baby food applesauce from a jar, no evidence of motherhood or baby care.
Day two:
NYT reading man sipping grande latte, eating scone with a single can of whiskas tuna pate next to him, possibly ready for a post scone treat?
What the hell?

My friday fixie works great on these useless old racks, Danville Safeway
Old rack works OK for the friday.

Attempt on Diablo, turned back by 100+ degree temps, free peach though from fruitmonger who took pity on me.
Me, peach, diablo

I did find a wrench at 104 degrees F
Road find wrench at 104 degrees F

Muir woods to dipsea loop run with coworker, big trees

Some park below sutro towers looking back over the city

Cool raleigh

The first Sturmey Coaster Brake I have spotted in the wild

Team Miyata city bike conversion in rockridge

Baby's first ride on the F Market

Speaking of baby, surf on over to dipping aida in the pacific for more family fun.


30 Cent Bike said...

That is one hot wrench, eh?

Thanks as always for sharing, Tarik.

nordic_68 said...

Remind us that you do for a living? If you don't mind sharing...

Tarik Saleh said...

No prob

Why I walk the earth, of course. Either that or I am a research scientist prone to conference traveling. There were 8 days of non photogenic very long meetings in that trip, you just get to see the fun part. Except for here