Words falling out of favor.

Riding a bit, baby wrangling a bit, insurance and contractor wrangling a bit, working a bunch. Too pooped for words. I assume short updates with pictures is better than no updates at all?

This view used to be on my "the long way in" morning commute, that slowly became the default way in.
San francisco from Grizzly

This is on a fairly regular after work short loop (for the where do you ride pool), quemazon-pipeline-home

I am not sure I will ever get used to seeing this first thing in the morning:
Luminous fuzzy horns

Seen at the Los Alamos Rodeo Parade:
Flags a furling
Not pro the subject matter, just the best picture taken, the rest here


wildtomato said...

You were in SF and you didn't have a beer with us at Lanesplitters? *tsk, tsk*

Tarik Saleh said...

Damn, you caught me. It was a crazy busy trip, but maybe next time, possibly march? Alas, I was never based in the east bay proper, just the city and the far east bay.