Road finds of the Day

On sunday's grocery/hardware store ride, I found the following:
Found in the street today!

I have seen lots of locks on the side of the road, especially near the pool. This is the first one I bothered to pick up because it had a key in it. Clearly it had been run over a few times, but it works.

The knife I found mere steps from this previous find. Cheapo german steel knife, blade is pristine, but for tar on the tip, maybe it fell point down. Seems odd. But good for a tool box or travel mess kit or something.


John Speare said...

or a shiv

Rick @ Bicycle Fixation said...

I found a nice hunting knife once--tip was broken, but I ground a new one using the curb as a stone. Found a Henckels steak knife, too, which we still have today.

Have found several wrenches, though I pick up only the metrics, and an astounding number of pairs of pliers over the years, including a set of real Channel Locks which I still use.

Also, lots of knit hats--lots and lots of knit hats. Wash them and give them away.

LIkewise, surplus tools go to the Bicycle Kitchen DIY shop here in LA.

ph0 said...

It's a german vegetable-knife
and it's called "Huemmelchen" here.
(in the part of germany where I live)

that's my part
of the cultural-bridge :-)