Saturday Burrito Run

Took the Hunter 24" out for the "long way" to burritos through the canyon and the Bridges trail.

Burrito Run via the Canyon
It was snowing off and on, but the trails were dry enough that I washed out the front wheel enough times to scare myself a bit. I fell a few times, but am no worse for the wear. Most of the crashes came on the way home, fortunately no burritos were harmed. My right crank arm is falling off though. Dammit. It is a splined Truvative one that I bought used and cheap from the out of business LBS, I wish I knew the splines were munged before I bought the new BB to go with it. Anyone got any good recommendations for good cheap singlespeed/BMX cranks that would look good with this bike? I have a few big bike projects in the works and would prefer to save money for those.

I did see this awesome riser bar modification on a Huffy Commuter

The Huffy Scorcher (commuter)

It appears they come with racks and fenders and costs 159 at Target/Amazon. Not an endorsement mind you, but it is about time there were somewhat logical bikes at Box stores. No unnecessary suspension! I am cautiously optimistic that this is a good thing. Lots of people could use a commuter bike like this. It fills the niche for the people who walk in to a bike shop and walk right out when they see that the cheapest bike is 350-450 dollars. Anyone twirled one around the parking lot? Is it as solid as it looks? Or is it typical department store crap? I suspect the later, but again, a great leap forward in dept store bikes!

Finally I sat down to enjoy the burrito with an espresso. When the chili looks like it is glowing, you know it is good.
Saturday Early Late Mid Morning Burrito


Margo said...

god after all the turkey that burrito is making me drool.

and never, in a million years, did I think I would utter these words: cool Huffy!

Jr said...

Nothing like green chili burrito on a chilly day! Ooooh Yeah!

Tarik Saleh said...

The burrito was a great break from the turkey. We did end up eating turkey enchiladas, but we never got to turkey breakfast burritos.
And certainly that is the coolest huffy I have seen since the 1984 olympic funny bikes:
They had some where the bars were mounted off the fork crown. fantastic!