Cat 3

Thanks to Jeff Potter over at OYB, check out some nice scans of CAT3 the one and probably only road cycling based comic. I think I have issue 2 tucked in a drawer somewhere in my parents house in NJ:
Check it here

Jeff runs a nice publishing business with a lot of great DIY cycling and paddling and outdoorsman titles, I used to subscribe to his zine, out your backdoor, back in my formative cycling years. Good stuff. check out http://outyourbackdoor.com if you have not already. Gets the old school moscaline seal of approval.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff. It wouldn't be as funny if it wasn't so true. Thanks for sharing.

Jon said...

I have one of his "6-way" bags on my city bike. Cool guy to deal with.

I also have that issue of Cat3 floating around, somewhere, myself.