Cross season Summary

First part of the season. Drinking beer from a cross crusade pint glass (thanks my portland pal andrew):
Extent of cyclocross season

middle part:
Not racing cross

End part:
Aida and I watching all the cross videos posted on mud and cowbells:
Watching the tiny cyclocross racers

Aida really enjoyed this one:

So that is year two since 1996 that I skipped cross season. I shall return.


Antoine said...

What a great video - the soundtrack made it.

They don't really have CX in NZ. There is a one-off NZ Champs event but I get the impression it's a casual affair with a couple of dozen riders and half are on MTBs.

With the subtle shift to "sensible" bikes in the bike shops practical CX bikes from the like of Kona and Specialized are now available so the race scene may grow.

cyclofiend said...

Aye. Missed it meself this year.
Maybe I'll do a brevet or something...

the buKit said...

Cyclocross has a season? I thought it was just 'whenever you have enough wackos that show up in the middle of a frozen, muddy field to have a race, you go'.

MrDaveyGie said...

that was rock'n and roll'n
I enjoyed.