Pool is now open

First there was some of this:
First real snow ride of the year

And then a lot of this:
Snow Day

And then not so successful,

But now we are back at this

I like to ski.

This is the best early season XC skiing we have had in my time here in los alamos. As always check out more Los Alamos nordic ski action at the southwest nordic ski club blog


nordic_68 said...

Do you typically use NNN or NNN-BC systems there?

Tarik Saleh said...

Um, depends. If the trails are well covered and well groomed half the people are on their nordic race gear, so sns/nnn and waxable skate or classic skis. On early or late season or just after heavy storms, most everybody is on some sort of touring back country ski. The other half are on touring backcountry skis in all conditions. The trails are groomed for skating and have nice set classic track most of the time, it is a volunteer groomed trail system, so it varies, but it is one of two areas in NM that has trails groomed regularly, the other is a for profit nordic ski area near taos, enchanted forest.

Uh, was that your question? The trail system leads to a meadow (bottom photo) with near infinite options if you are on snowshoes, touring or bc skis, so some people just use the trail to get to the untracked stuff, there are some nice downhill runs off the meadow if you are willing to work at it...