2009 year end motion update!

So sometime in the last couple of weeks the year ended and the new one started as one would hope, so it is time for the year end motion update.

The big news in motion update is that I completed 100% bike commuting last year. Basically from the time I started my current job in February of 2006 until the end of 2009 I drove to work about 10 times. I did two year or more uninterrupted stretches from 8/06 to 8/07 and from 4/08 to the end of 09. In other news I already broke the no riding to work streak this year, more on this later in the post.

So, on to the totals:
2964 bike and a measly 76 run. That averages out to 8.12 miles per day on the bike and .2 miles per day running.

The bike was good this year. Lots and lots and lots of commuting and errands. A fair bit of racing and an extremely modest amount of training and recreational riding. The breakdown is as follows:
711 on the Big Dummy
568 on the Kelly Singlespeed MTB about half on studs for the winter
476 on the Kogswell PR
288 on the Bike Friday Fixie
251 on the Stud shod Raleigh twenty
237 on the Hunter 24" BMX bike
156 on the three speed Schwinn Breeze
106 on the three speed Schwinn Traveller
100 on Bones, the Kelly Fixie
36 on the Kelly Road Bike
25 on the Picnica
10 on the Kelly singlespeed Cross Bike

My monthly mileage was remarkably consistent within the usual seasonal swings:
192 Jan
191 Feb
247 Mar
276 Apr
301 May
341 Jun
248 Jul
292 Aug
185 Sept
274 Oct
233 Nov
184 Dec

September a bit weak due to not riding for 12 days while in Egypt. Otherwise I traveled a bunch, but usually had a the fixie friday with me. Off the top of my head I rode it in:
Lincoln Nebraska, Knoxville Tennessee, San Francisco and Pleasanton and Livermore California, Seattle and Richland Washington, Las Vegas Nevada, plus at least one or two tiny rides here at home in Los Alamos New Mexico. I rode the picnica in Amarillo Texas. I raced my mountainbike in Durango Colorado and ended up nordic ski racing all over Colorado.

I made it to NJ, Salt Lake City and Egypt as well, all without riding.

The Big Dummy proved very useful and ate up a lot of commuting miles and won the yearly mileage for the second year. Between studded tired commuting and riding training and racing, the SS MTB came in second. The rest of the bikes were pretty well used. Other than the MTB the Kelly fleet was underutilized, the fixie was and still is in a state of much needed repairs after a 4 years of hard riding and abuse. The road bike was only used for one race and maybe one other ride, the cross bike was not raced on and barely used at all. I do have a 29'er kelly Singlespeed in the pipeline.

Overall there were 1228 miles on one speed bikes, or 41% of the yearly mileage.

Running was terrible this year. I barely ran at all. Work was busy enough that I only did a handful of lunch runs and I had some long term knee issues that were constantly there this year. I did get them checked out, and I have some IT band bursitis in my left knee, but somewhat surprisingly that is all, no meniscus/acl tears, no arthritis, no lack of cushioning. So I am pretty happy about that. The nice orthopedic doctor told me to stretch and ice and take it easy when it was sore, but no restrictions on activities, which far exceeded even my best hoped for result. Anyhow, the 76 miles I ran is less than my best week running when I was skinny collegiate runner boy. Oh so many years and pounds ago.

Speaking of pounds, I ended the year at 198 pounds which is mildly inflated by the holiday gain, but really really really typical of any year recently save 2005. I think I ranged in weight from 192 post xc ski season to 203 or so after a long business trip to california, where I really enjoyed being able to eat a wide variety of good food again. Again I would like to get back to below 190 which will undoubtedly help the running and the knees and the racing on bikes. So yet again, lets shoot for 187.5 pounds by the end of the year. Cantaloupe diet and fenfen here I come.

So in the mode of resolutions I still resolve the usual:
more gooder, less badder, more thinner, less fatter
More specifically I say I will once more yet again attempt to achieve 3650 miles ridden for the 10 mile a day average, I think I can do it this year. I changed my job a tiny bit which requires me to be at multiple facilities more often which will increase the bike commute a fair bit. I may also try to do some lunchrides, which I have not done since 2006 or so. I also started doing some longer rides hauling Aida in the chariot last year and she really liked it, as did I, so those should continue.

I am going to reduce the running miles goal to 150 as I have not come close to 365 miles run in a year since probably 2001. For the record the yearly totals that I can find are:
Bike Run
2003 2880 128
2004 3667 252
2005 3000 250
2006 4000 100
2007 2883 165
2008 2817 108
2009 2964 76
(2005 and 2006 are estimates based on partial year reporting)
But again, pretty darn consistent, over 8 miles a day biking for the last 7 years, if I could find the records going back to 2000 I bet the numbers would be slightly higher, but pretty much the same idea.

In other motion news, I did not, to my knowledge, go for a swim in 2009, save for a couple of times swinging the baby around the pool. Turns out I really would rather do almost anything else if there is not an ocean around. I went ice skating 3 times last year, it has kind of dropped off the table as it used to be a lunch date for Elena and I, but now with the baby, I just try to come home for lunch.

I went cross country skiing 18 times last year. A really high percentage of which were races.

Speaking of races, I raced a fair bit last year, 14 times, as I was inconsistent in my race reports this past year, here are all the races I did:
XC Ski:
Chama Chile Classic (10k classic)
NM Cup (12k skate)
Alley Loop (21k skate)
Durango Langlauf (30k Skate)
Alpina Stampede (21k skate)
Pajarito Pinhead (10k Skate)
Big Shooter Bonk (40k Skate)

Chama Chile classic (5k)

Atomicman Duathlon LittleBoy

Mountain Bike
Tierra Torture Short Track
Tierra Torture XC
pajarito Punishment XC
Road Apple Rally XC
Single Speed World Championship Durango

Pajarito Trails Festival 10k

That was 15 races. Pretty good. I skipped cross season completely and did no training races at all this year as I skipped the local timetrial and splash and dash series entirely.

All in all I love racing, it was a pretty hard year with all the racing and maybe not that much training, I am getting a bit old to fake it as well as I once could, so maybe 2010 I will train a bit more. That is, honestly, why I drove to work for the first time in over a year last week, so I could go skiing at lunch. If I am going to try to do some longer nordic ski races in 2010, I need a bit more time on the skis. The winter time is not really good for riding around here, I like riding in the cold and snow, but 3 miles each way subsistence commuting does not quite cut it for building fitness. So this winter I may drive in once a week so I can sneak off and get some skate skiing in.

As for last years non-motion goals:
Core strength, organization and teeth flossing
Well, we got a water pick, which hopefully obviates flossing, and I used it, so I will continue. As for the others, well, I will endeavor to improve these!

I think 2010 will be a great year, may you ride as much as you think is fun to do.


Lee said...

Impressive record-keeping. I like this 100% commuting idea. After reading your post, I realized that I was 100% bike + Caltrain this past year, and have only driven the commute twice since I started in July 2008. That made me feel pretty good, so thanks for that.

As for the running and swimming, maybe there are others that would join you at work? That's how I've been staying honest though it does take a bit of time.

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks, Good on you for that as well. I have, by design, a really short commute, I can walk it in under an hour, bike it in 15 minutes or less if I need to. I count mixed mode commuting as equally good. I did that for at least a year and a half straight (bike, walk, run, skateboard bus/bart, or combos of all) when I lived in the east bay.

I think I don't really like the pool anymore. Running I need to take a bit easy from the knee, but I do have some coworkers I can leverage for guilt runs.

Chdot said...

Impressive detailing.

Link added here.


ssportsman said...

nice numbers Tarik. that's a great year,although the ss cross bike needs a lot more love

this year, I'm actually keeping track of my numbers (the year is still young though), making sure that my bike numbers are greater than automobile numbers, so it begs the question, how did you keep track of your miles and categories? Did you do it via spreadsheet or some journal package?

Tarik Saleh said...

Chdot ,

Thanks for the link,

I saw your goal, very admirable, I think I have beaten my car for the last couple years, but not Elena's and my car combined, and certainly not all the road trips up to colorado in other peoples cars. I use a big excell spreadsheet that I keep minorly updating as I add bikes and get more data. I think it is the same form as one I made 10 years ago and keep changing bit by bit. Nothing too fancy. I keep meaning to add graphs to it, but never get around to it.

ssportsman said...

it's the road trips that will make it difficult for me. we're going backcountry skiing in squamish this weekend. that'll be 120 km of driving.. but, I never drive to work so that's an easy source of commuting miles. should we get bonus distance for fixed kms?