On Flaming Bikes of Death

As the new year descends upon us, I reflect, I like bikes and have for a long time. I also think back to the proto-internet cycling influences that have created the cycling world we know today. One was, of course, sheldon brown The other? Chunk666. I recently came across this image of and via the johnny appleseed of mutant bikes, megulon 5. Image circa 1995. Great stuff. Brings tears to the eyes.

Photo by Nielson Abeel

If you have not checked out Chunk666 in a while, head over to their website/lifestyle store or their blog or read more about flaming bikes of death.

Anyhow, Happy biking in ought-ten.

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Ray said...

Mutant bikes have been with us all along. Megulon 5, bless 'im, lit a fire (lit&fig) and picked a big pile of dead christmas trees for tinder and threw in some fireworks and attracted a crowd of curiosity seekers including myself and the sparks spread fires all over.

Thanks for the reminder, Tarik.