Specialization of the specie

I guess jimg ain't blogging this one, so I am:

Its a long video but gets progressively more surreal as time goes on. Low geared singlespeeds with no brakes on a dirt track with athletes who smoke pre race and motorhead... Everything good, nothing bad.

Also, sidehacks is backs:

Check it out at impakt, they are selling some at WalMart apparently. Guess what I am looking for at garage sales next year. Respect that monkey.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

Full-contact, short-track speedskating on dirt bikes? I see no need for brakes here.

Scott Loveless said...

Why, oh why, does Cycle Speedway not exist in the US? Or grass track? Americans love "go fast, turn left". We needs it, we do.

Ray said...

Thanks, Tarik!

I've seen cycle speedway photos, but never before saw enough in a photo to grasp what goes on in the race.

Now I know.

Rubbin's racin'.

The bikes seems like blend of artistic/polo bike and BMX.

Ray said...

I wanna know who builds their wheels.