Ubikequitous 7: Salinger

From this weeks new yorker, 2/8/10

Salinger bikes

J.D. Salinger and family on Moultons in central park.




wildtomato said...

Totally OT, but if you have any gear advice for a newbie (like only 1 day on the trail newbie) cross-country skier, I'm all ears. Perry and I took beginning glide lessons yesterday, and I'm hooked! Those rental boots, though, were suck. I'm hoping to get some used gear off of CL.

Erik Jorgensen said...

What, no helmets? Scandalous! ;-)

Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen that photo before.

洋裝 said...
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Ray said...

I've always liked those plaid-padded child carriers, and woven baskets for the Moultons? Very nice.

I gotta get me those Nixon bike photos. I bet Ike and Dr. White made him pose for those shots.

Tarik Saleh said...

Lets see, as far as gear for newbies, I am guessing you are a back country type newby given yours and Perrys habits? If you are on groomed trails or light untracked snow, get touring skis, but if you are off in the wilds of no trail and lots of snow, get the back countries. As far as boots, I would probably spend the money and buy a new pair. I think you guys should be able to find a shop that sells them. You are going to have trouble finding gear that fits you used, I fear. Perry not so much. THere are a bunch of online places that will sell you a pretty cheap beginner package deal, I have had great service from new moon ski shop in wisconson:
their intro touring ski packages are usually pretty cheap.

3pin binding boots probably will mate with the widest variety of used skis. There are a couple different types though, I think there is probably only one 3 pin boot available new from Alpina:

Anyhow, email me with more specific questions.

wildtomato said...

Thanks, Tarik! I'm going to go XC skiing in Kirkwood (groomed trails) this weekend. The end of winter sales are coming up, so I'll search for some new boots.