Biking to the garage sales

Elena consults the paper for garage sale locations:
Bicycle garage sale outing

We are getting better about trying to only walk or bike to the garage sales. This was a good day.

Partial scores:
Some Garage Sale scores

Lots more kids books too. I think we have bought 6 king tut art books at garage sales over the last year, maybe 5 dollars spent total on all 6? Good stuff.


louis said...

"Checks the paper " ??? How do you compete with the smartphone / dash-mounted GPS crowd? The mind fair boggles!

Anonymous said...

That's some sweet mixte Elena's riding!

Scott Loveless said...

Are those Whitworth wrenches? Your Raleigh's gonna love you!

Tarik Saleh said...

Mad map skills and a small town.

Specialized Globe Live 3 belt drive internal alfine hub and discs. It is pretty sweet.

I think those are big old ford ones, but I will measure em. No ford forging marks, but I think they are for old american cars. Too big for most bike things.